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18 Best International Makeup Brands in 2021

Much like artwork, you are eligible to stone your design and express yourself. Is not that liberating? Many use it to fix defects, but some see your face as a blank canvas to make a masterpiece. Regardless of what your standpoint of makeup is, it is a lot for us makeup fans. This guide is for you. It’s your guide to the very best makeup brands in the world to know which ones to keep an eye out for the next time you’re searching for makeup.
15 Best International Makeup Brands
15 Best International Makeup Brands
If you’re a makeup obsessive, you probably have at least one drawer full of M.A.C products. Were you aware that this world-famous makeup brand launched at a kitchen back in 1984? Thus began their travel! Today, the brand comes in 106 nations. Additionally, it sells much more lipstick than every other non-drugstore makeup brand new.

2. NARS Cosmetics

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Now, NARS has a standing of its own and is now among the most well-known cosmetics brands on the planet. Even when you’re a newcomer to makeup, you have heard the buzz around Orgasm, which’s the best-selling NARS blush color. Francois Nars considers that makeup is only great when it is an accessory that will assist you to be yourself. We could not agree more!

3. Benefit Cosmetics

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Benefit Cosmetics Amazing! As a result of the consequence of the coin reverse, Benefit Cosmetics was created (called the Face Position’ initially). We would not have our cherished Porefessional Primer or the Benetint if it were not for all these sisters. The business is also famed for its forehead bars handled by eyebrow forming specialists you can rely on for your entire forehead requirements.

4. Bobbi Brown

15 Best International Makeup Brands

Bobbi Brown is a global premium beauty brand that aims to help girls recognize and enhance their natural beauty. It’s been called the number one makeup artist brand began by a lady. Its Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is the most expensive item in your range. It’s also the first gel liner to reach the market!

5. Tarte

15 Best International Makeup Brands

Why Tarte is unique is how it unites glamorous makeup and components that are beneficial for you. Tarte was founded in 2000 with this goal in mind, and it is currently regarded as one of the top cruelty-free and sensitive cosmetic brands on the market. The organization’s founder Maureen Kelly believes in utilizing makeup that’s a cure for the skin. She found many of her hero components (such as Maracuja Oil and Amazonian Clay) throughout her eco-vacations.

6. NYX Cosmetics

15 Best International Makeup Brands
15 Best International Cosmetics Brands
NYX is among the most loved drugstore brands globally and type of a staple for us makeup fans. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a newcomer, you have employed a thing or two from this brand, and it rocked. Tonki Ko established this business in 1999, intending to produce high-quality goods at inexpensive rates. Plus, it was a massive success. She did a fantastic job of developing her business. Still, she finally sold it to L’Oreal to get a whopping $500 million! Its products are currently marketed in over 70 nations now.

7. Smashbox

15 Best International Makeup Brands
The formulation for its essential success was a simple one — that the 21st-century spectacle of a cosmetic business legend (Max Factor) walking with sexy, glossy packaging and star allure.


8. Clinique

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Clinique is among the most trusted skincare and cosmetics brands on the planet. It had been the first organization to recognize the various skin care needs of women and men. It is also possible to receive a complimentary skin consultation at any given Clinique shop.

9. Estee Lauder

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Estee Lauder Launched in 1946, Estee Lauder has been launched with only four skin care products and a big vision. Lauder didn’t want her clients to purchase many goods as she firmly believed the perfect beauty routine just required a few essential products. Estee Lauder is a complete empire, possessing 25 big attractive brands and reaching over 150 nations.

10. Urban Decay

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Its founders were ill of the prosperity of pink makeup products in the marketplace. They wanted to make makeup in edgy and mad colors they could not locate from another brand. Fast forward 20 decades, Urban Decay is among the most adored makeup brands by attractiveness bloggers, makeup artists, and makeup fans.

11. Neutrogena

15 Best International Makeup Brands
We have used Neutrogena goods at a particular stage and keep doing this because of its reputation. The amount one dermatologist-recommended skincare brand provides many of the planet’s most adored skincare and beauty products. It launched in 1930; this brand was launched by Emanuel Stolaroff and consequently started its success story.

12. Anastasia Beverly Hills

15 Best International Makeup Brands
She had been a former aesthetician who ardently believed your brows could alter the whole appearance of your head — and she was right! Her first customer was Cindy Crawford; earlier celebs such as Kim K began ranting about her merchandise. This brand offers a vast selection of makeup following its growth, ranging from liquid lipsticks to highlighter palettes. Additionally, it has the hottest Instagram page in the beauty market.

13. Maybelline

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Everybody’s favorite pharmacy brand Maybelline was set back in 1915. Thomas Lyle Williams, a chemist, found his sister Maybel with Vaseline, coal, and ashes to get her eyebrows, and he had been amused. He moved on to make the very first mascara, the Maybelline Cake Mascara. That is the way the brand acquired its title –‘ Maybel’ and’Vaseline’ equals Maybelline! Today, this business has become the most reputed makeup brand that is sold anywhere on earth.

14. Bare Minerals

15 Best International Makeup Brands
The brainchild of Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals premiered in 1995 with a wish to make natural makeup that was not as likely to irritate the skin. Its initial products came in mineral powder type sans harmful parabens and chemical fillers. Shiseido obtained the brand in 2010 and today has a massive selection of beauty products — all of which can be great for you.

15. Sephora

15 Best International Makeup Brands
Sephora has stepped up its private-label assortment of makeup and skincare products using its Sephora Collection.’ If you’re looking for makeup, equipment, and brushes, or face masks, this category has it all. The best part is the quality is impressive, and the rates are cheap. The brand was started in 1995 and comprised body and bath products. It has since grown to become one of the most popular beauty brands in the world.

16. L’Oreal

15 Best International Makeup Brands


This French cosmetics firm brought you a few of the very famous mascaras, eyeliners, foundations, and lip care on the planet. They do not only focus on makeup but pretty much every kind of personal care thing for ladies. Their haircare line is employed in several salons around the globe, and their skincare products are of fantastic quality and inexpensive.

17. Dior

15 Best International Makeup Brands


In case you haven’t yet attempted any of the makeup products, you’re missing out. Indeed, their Dior Addict lipstick is their signature, and it’s most likely the best-selling lipstick on the planet. This French-style house chose to jump into the cosmetics sector in 1947 using their renowned cologne Miss Dior. Nowadays, they aren’t just famous because of their couture collections. Still, their imagination and excellence have attracted luxurious goods in all realms of their beauty market.

18. Chanel



The home of Chanel isn’t simply a pioneer in the couture and odor scene, but their makeup is every bit as lavish. When you obtain the Chanel brand, you’re investing on your own. Chic and trendy with a cost that matches its quality, this exclusive and glamorous lineup offers superior products to its faithful customers.

If you’re going to be buying cosmetics or skincare, ensure that you create a worthy investment. Your skin demands dedication, so be suitable for this. Pick excellent makeup and skincare products. Have you got a go-to beauty brand that you love?

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