7 Reasons, Why Shoes Matter?

Best 7 Reasons, Why Shoes Matter?

Did you ever wonder why and when man started wearing shoes? The answer to the latter question is that about some 40,000 years ago. But why we were the only ones, like in countless other examples, who felt the need of doing so? Perhaps, because we are the only two-legged creature, walking with our ‘ hands-free’. Thus, Bare feet can become the most vulnerable part of the body, exposed to poisonous snakes and thorns.

But as man progressed in other choices, footwear became more than just a protectionist measure. Now, your choice of shoes is also a reflection of your taste and style. They have become the item of your styling based on which, whether you like it or not, people will judge you!

And if that’s the case, then men’s shoes, an item of incontrovertible importance in men’s fashion, are as worthy of careful selection as of women’s footwear. Yes, guys! You better not miss your chance at this one! If you still don’t care about being a lousy chooser when it comes to this side of men’s fashion, then wait!

Here are the 7 reasons why shoes matter!

7 Reasons, Why Shoes Matter?
7 Reasons, Why Shoes Matter?

1. Men’s Shoes change their body language:

Christian Louboutin said, ‘Shoes transform your body language and attitude. The way you would move your body would be controlled by your shoes.’’ Experts believe that men’s footwear can have a dramatic effect on their body language. The strain distribution at the feet has a visible effect on their body posture over long periods of time.

Your body language is all about how you sit, stand, walk, talk, and even when not talking. You might have never seen a man walking in slippers to have a meeting with his boss. Ever wondered why? Perhaps, it isn’t just a formal way of men’s footwear or particular of men’s fashion, it is more than that. Since shoes can change your whole-body weight distribution, they have a great say in controlling your body language. That is why you would feel more confident and alert in your oxfords and more cozy and relaxed in your slippers. And no one would want to appear dull in his interview. Then, choose your footwear wisely!

2. Invest In Your Old Age:

Research shows that our bone structuring depends on how we use them. Our body posture plays an indisputable role in molding our bones, and it is affected by the footwear. Podiatrist Dr. Jenny Sanders even advocates the customization of shoes for every individual for this purpose. Because many podiatrists believe that most of your foot and body strains are usually caused by the wrong choice of footwear. If you are wearing the wrong shoe, it will exact a heavy toll on your body soon.

The shoes balance the weight of the entire body and bear most of the high stresses. The way it balances weight affects the legs and spine too. If this distribution is not right, it will tire out your body and wear away your bones. And old age is all about worn-out bones and joints. So, they say what you wear for your morning walk, would ultimately affect your evening stroll. Got it!

3. Men’s Footwear Define them:

Yes, it does! It speaks out for you, loudly! Men’s fashion sense is fully reflected at their feet. They say all about a man’s personality, style, and fashion sense. As eyes speak for your face, footwear speaks for your whole personality. If shoes are too gawky, so is the man wearing them. If they are too high maintenance, so is the man who chose them. Several surveys have even found that women get an idea about men’s financial status, just by looking at their shoes.

Many men would spend time while selecting their shirts, coats but would just go with any famous in fashion, men’s footwear. Don’t! Just don’t go for any famous footwear you find in men’s fashion, choose the one that defines you the best. So, even that pretty famous footwear, even of towering giant DSW or Foot Locker, should be carefully selected to reflect your taste. The price does not say it all, quality is not always synonymous with price. You can find affordable yet of quality at places like Zappos, which also fall in the category of famous footwear.

4. Shoes Represent Cultures

Shoes have long been associated with cultural representation. ‘Balgha‘ is the traditional Arab famous men’s footwear, along with the ‘Thawb’, popularly worn in Arabian Peninsula. ‘khussa’ is the traditional Indian famous men’s footwear, which is still considered as an essential part of groom’s outfit on his wedding day. Nowadays, even brands have built the same cultural association with particular areas.

When you hear of DSW, suddenly a very American feeling of women’s and of men’s shoes comes to mind. It doesn’t mean that this company’s famous footwear is limited to Americans only. But it has become inseparable from this pure American feel. The same is the case with sportswear or footwear in general, Foot Locker is the US trend ambassador, particularly in sportswear of men’s footwear.

5. Women judge men by their shoes

What better reason could be offered to men for a better choice of shoes than that women look for it. Research shows that more than 64% of women judge men’s fashion sense based on their footwear. Not surprisingly, more than 50% can get an idea of a man’s personality by looking at his shoes.

An equal percentage of them believe it shows how mindful he is too little details. And when it comes to paying attention to little details, this is all women want. Careful choice of shoes reflects their alertness to small, not so obvious, even fragile things. What is more fragile and less conspicuous than a woman’s feelings? So, men! Did you get the idea to why choose the right men’s shoes? Watch out! She will judge your shoes!

6. Get in fashion:

Well, they say, it is impossible for a man to look well-dressed if he fell short of his footwear choice. When someone is getting a first good look at you, shoes would be the last part of it. You must have heard the saying, ‘the first impression is the last impression.’’ Let me tell you a revised version of it,’’ your last impression is the most lasting one’’. And what counts for your last impression: your shoes.

Men, if you want to improve your look, invest in your shoes. Never go for a casual glance at the first shoe you find at a mall. Invest your time, look carefully, think of the occasion where you might want to use them. Run an analysis for your optimal choice, then make a decision. It is better to spend more on one good pair of shoes, than spending less for four cheaper pair of shoes. Because that expensive pair of fine leather would surely outlast four cheaper pairs.

7. Sprout your confidence:

Have you ever heard of the phrase that good shoes take you to good places? Well, they do. They not only take you to good places, but they also make you live in your dream places too. Is that a little too much to say? Well, think of Cinderella. A good pair of shoes just did that, even when she lost one of them. So, get a good new pair of shoes and see what miracles it would bring. Want to change the world? then put on your boots! Because the distance between you and your dreams can only be walked in good shoes.

Start hiking the ‘mountain of impossible’ tomorrow. If you are wearing out, it might not just the tortuous path that is bothering you. See if you got something in your shoe, a grain of sand maybe! So, guys! If you want to sound and appear confident, choose the right shoe for yourself. What is getting in your way, might be the very thing at your toe!