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Best Gaming Headphones in 2021

The best gaming headphones are not something to be forgotten. It can use a feeling of real immersion couple of gaming accessories supply. A good gaming headset is necessary if you do not desire that enormous in-game sound to head to lose.

For anyone right into affordable games, the best gaming headphones are essential to the experience. They make all the distinctions in identifying directional sound cues. The very best gaming headphones will undoubtedly enable you to respond swiftly in critical life-or-death scenarios instead of shooting in the general instructions of that useless onscreen damage indication.

There are a few points to think about when selecting the best-wired gaming headphones. Price and sound high-quality top the listing– these were the most significant factors we considered when choosing our faves. Comfort is up there, as well. Noise-canceling mics are crucial for coms, so many of the headsets we have actually noted here include this feature. You desire decent voice top quality and a microphone that won’t pick up every single keypress on your mechanical keyboard.

Including one of the best headphones for gaming of 2021 to your setup should not set you back on the planet either. You can order our leading pick, the Razer Blackshark V2, for $100, offering you a robust headset with outstanding sound quality. If you have the cash to save and desire to go with a cordless choice, you can do a whole lot worse than the HyperX Cloud II Wireless.

Our listing of the best gaming headphones has something for everybody regardless of budget. If you’re figured out to lower cable mess, our guide to totally the very best gaming headsets may be more to your preference. Also Read: Top 10 Ideal Wireless Headphones Under 5000 In India

Best Gaming Headphones in 2021

Razer Blackshark V2

Best Gaming Headphones
Razer Blackshark V2 is the best headphones for gaming

Dismissing the HyperX Cloud Alpha from in 2015’s top place was no easy task. Razer’s Blackshark V2 gaming headset takes care of to do simply that by providing excellent audio quality, tremendous rate, and easy-to-use software program.

The 50mm TriForce Titanium vehicle drivers are designed with distinct ports to different bass, mid, tremble tones from interfering with each other. The outcome is a richer noise and maintains it on par with HyperX’s 50mm dual-chamber neodymium chauffeur headset.

The $100 rate point is not a substantial monetary request for any person that wants a top-quality gaming headset. The Blackshark V2 Pro’s current release gives gamers a cordless choice though, $180 appears a little bit steep.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

HyperX Cloud II Wireless is best gaming headphones
HyperX Cloud II Wireless is the best gaming headphones

Bearing the fruits of HyperX Cloud’s long heritage of quality, the Cloud IIs provide excellent sound and construct quality. The essential attributes succeeded, and no feature-flab blowing up the rate. This closed-back style’s stereo soundscape is punchier in the low end than we’d generally choose.

Still, the additional bass does not hinder total clarity– as well as truthfully, in games and music settings, it appears beautiful. The 53mm with neodymium magnets is intended to provide low, medium, and high regularities areas to reverberate without hindering each other. Also, you do obtain a sense of that while listening to them.

Somewhere else, it’s the typical excellent build, high quality, generous extra padding, clear mic, and increased convenience levels over much longer play sessions that the Cloud II layout has actually constantly used.

Epos H3

Epos H3 is best wired headphones
Epos H3 is best wired headphones

Changing the happily bulky Sennheiser GSP 300 series, the Epos H3 design shifts away from the NFL head trainer headset right into something slightly leaner and trendy. What didn’t alter is the stellar audio high quality we’ve familiarized and enjoy.

Despite the name, the Sennheiser DNA is throughout this headset. In our review, we were blown away by the powerful bass that never ever spoils the mids and highs, which isn’t unexpected with a common reaction of 10Hz-30,000 Hz, making it an excellent headset for gaming and also paying attention to songs.

Steelseries Arctis 9X

SteelSeries Arctis 9X is the best gaming headphones
SteelSeries Arctis 9X is the best gaming headphones

We like best concerning the Arctis 9X since you can conveniently neglect its cordless design while you’re using it. None of the muddiness or sound artifacts have actually historically wrecked the celebration for cordless headsets. The included Bluetooth compatibility suggests that you can utilize this headset on your mobile phones, as well, best if you intend on gaming on your phone or tablet computer.

The excellent battery life clocks in at over 20 hours out of the box; you can keep playing while you bill, too, just by connecting the headset to your COMPUTER with a USB cord.

The distinct ski goggle headband is genuinely effective at maintaining the headset’s weight far from your head. Also, even after playing for hrs, we have actually never ever felt it excavating in.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT (Best Wired Headphones)
Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT (Best Wired Headphones)

The Corsair Professional RGB Wireless XT is one of the best-wired headphones that Corsair has actually ever made. Not just is this headset exceptionally comfy, but it likewise supplies superb audio quality. It functions wirelessly with PCs and PlayStation consoles using USB and mobile phones, streaming players, and clever TVs using Bluetooth. You can connect it to a Switch, Xbox controller, or older system via a 3.5 mm audio wire. There’s really little that the Pro RGB Wireless XT can not do.

Given, all that functionality doesn’t come inexpensive. The Pro RGB Wireless XT is one of the more expensive gaming headphones we’ve examined, setting you back even more than the $200 JBL Quantum 800, the $240 JBL Quantum One, and the previous Corsair Virtuouso RGB Wireless SE.

You additionally do not obtain that much battery life for the rate; several of the Superstar’s rivals can compete two times as long on a solitary charge. Still, most importantly, a gaming headset ought to be easy to wear and offer excellent noise. The Superstar RGB Wireless XT is successful on both counts.

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Asus ROG Delta S is the  Best Noise-Canceling Headphones
Asus ROG Delta S is the Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

From gaming hardware professionals Asus comes the very great Asus ROG Delta S headset, which will work with just about every device around– though the customization and equalizer software are just offered for Windows. This will not suit anyone that certainly wants a wireless collection of headphones; however, it’s well worth considering for everyone else.

It deals with a host of gadgets and gadgets via USB-C (or USB-A), from PCs to consoles. Also, it creates audio quality of the highest order– whether you want to shake out to some songs or you need to hear everything that’s happening during intense gaming sessions.

The headset is comfortable to put on for extended periods and is well created also. Include extras like substitute 7.1 surround noise and assistance for the high-resolution MQA sound layout. Also, it’s straightforward to see why this made it on to our best gaming headsets listing.


ROCCAT Syn Pro Air (Best Gaming Headphones)
ROCCAT Syn Pro Air (Best Gaming Headphones)

This headset definitely accomplishes. For COMPUTER gamers, because this is the best gaming headphones designed specifically for them, if you reward those 2 things most (and also, we believe lots of people do), then this is definitely a headset to have a look at.

It’s a cordless headset, too, indicating that on top of that comfort and audio top quality, you get to eradicate cables entirely, many thanks to a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver, as well as; in addition to this excellent core capability, the Syn Pro Air includes 3D sound and a TruSpeak mic, as well.

The comfort originates from the reality that the Syn Pro Air features ProSpecs-grade memory foam earpads and headbands. At the same time, the specified and balanced audio recreation comes thanks to 50mm Nanoclear motorists, with the headset’s distribution of Superhuman Hearing technology boosting essential in-game noises.

While this headset does include Roccat’s AIMO lighting system, which is regulated by its NEON software program, the actual scope for lighting on the headset isn’t substantial, though, so RGB junkies may be turned off. There’s also no 3.5 mm or wired way of using this headset, so it’s wireless usage with PC just. If you require a headset that can function as your central pair of headphones after that, this isn’t a practical option.

Creative SXFI Gamer

Creative SXFI Gamer(Best Headphones for Gaming)
Creative SXFI Gamer(Best Headphones for Gaming)

The Innovative SFXI Gamer headset is an excellent headset with a hilariously bad name. That being stated, it shouldn’t prevent any person from searching for an astounding total paying attention experience. The positional sound, aka Fight Setting, is ideal for any individual seeking to immerse themselves into their favored Battle Royales like Call of Duty: Warzone for less than $150.

The 50mm neodymium motorists offer some excellent bass between both stereos and surround audio modes. The microphone functions well for affordable gaming (though that traffic signal at the suggestion is infuriating) if you intend to be listened to loud and also clear.

Xbox Wireless Headphones

Xbox Wireless Headphones
Xbox Wireless Headphones

The Xbox Wireless Headset is precisely what the name recommends: a wireless headset that functions specifically well with Xbox gaming consoles. This headset can give a fantastic sound with a simple pairing treatment whether you have an Xbox Collection X, an Xbox Series S, an Xbox One, or a Windows 10 PC with an Xbox controller adapter. Not just that: the Xbox Wireless Headset supports Bluetooth, too, meaning that you can listen to music or take calls on your phone while you game.

Unlike some of its competitors, the Xbox Wireless Headset won’t collaborate with a PS5 or a Switch over in any way, which means it’s not a fantastic option for players with several gaming consoles. Obtaining a comfortable fit can also be troublesome. However, the Xbox Wireless Headset uses excellent features, a structured interface, and an elegant design for the price.

Logitech G Pro X

Logitech G Pro X (Best Gaming HeadPhone)
Logitech G Pro X (Best Gaming HeadPhone)

The Logitech G Pro X provides tournament-grade efficiency for a reasonable $130 price. The headset’s recognized black style sets itself aside from the competition, in no minor component thanks to its flexible headband and supremely comfy foam, and also leatherette earcup choices. Simply fitting isn’t enough to advise an item as one of the best gaming headsets. Yet, it’s perhaps one of the most essential top qualities we assess. If you can not wear a headset for more than a couple of minutes at a time, it’s not extremely useful.

The Go Pro X supplies rich, direction-accurate audio out of the box whether you’re playing on PC or console. It’s also the first gaming headset to sport a built-in Blue microphone, permitting extra-crisp voice conversation whether you’re practicing with your Apex Legends squad or streaming to your online followers. Also worth taking into consideration is the Logitech G Pro X Wireless variation.

Razer Kaira Pro

Razer Kaira Pro (Best Wireless Gaming Headphones)
Razer Kaira Pro (Best Wireless Gaming Headphones)

Debuting together with the Xbox Collection X, the Razer Kaira Pro is perhaps one of the very best gaming headsets for Microsoft’s next-gen console. This streamlined, lightweight cordless headset pairs with Xbox gaming consoles right out of the package. However, you can likewise use it with PCs and mobile phones, many thanks to integrated Bluetooth capabilities. The Kaira Pro is not terribly expensive. The top audio quality is excellent, especially for the computer game.

The Bluetooth pairing process is unquestionably not as smooth as it may be. The Kaira Pro has a cute couple of methods to alter the audio account– specifically contrasted to Razer’s more PC-centric headphones. However, suppose you’ve obtained an Xbox Collection X, Xbox Collection S, or an Xbox One. In that case, this is among the extra comfortable and user-friendly accessories offered now. The Razer Sea Serpent Ultimate is a solid alternate choice.

Turtle Coastline Elite Atlas Aero

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero(Best Gaming Headphones)
Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero(Best Gaming Headphones)

If you’re seeking a comfortable, highly personalized premium headset that’s precisely perfect for COMPUTER, the new Turtle Coastline Elite Atlas Aero is just one of the most effective gaming headsets available. This costs headset packs an incredibly comfy pair of gel-infused ear pillows, which are designed to play well with glasses. The Aero’s 50mm audio speakers audio is excellent out of the box. It includes a robust noise-canceling microphone to boot.

However, where Aero really shines is in its variety of software and also personalization functions. You can remap the headset’s on-ear controls, turn on the immersive 3D sound, and also fine-tune a lot of EQ setups to locate the perfect balance for your favored game. Consider a lengthy 30-hour battery for PC and PS4 as well as an included 3.5 mm wire for usage on any type of another tool you possess. The Aero is just one of the most flexible wireless gaming headsets available.

Astro A20 Gaming Headphone Gen 2

Astro A20 Gaming Wireless Headphones Gen 2
Astro A20 Gaming Wireless Headphones Gen 2

The Astro A20 Gaming Headset Gen 2 (allow’s just call it the Astro A20 for simpleness’s purpose) is an ambitious and full-featured headset from one of the most relied on producers on the market. This cordless peripheral deals with exceptional audio high quality and also a comfy fit. More than that, though, the Astro A20 can additionally connect wirelessly to both the PS5 and the Xbox Collection X, which is an uncommon task, even amongst the most effective gaming headsets.

This peripheral isn’t best, of course. It’s barely a quiet accessory, and switching amongst different tools– such as a PS5, Xbox Collection X, Nintendo Switch over, and intelligent phone– is a laborious and often inaccurate process. Still, high sound quality, comfort, connectivity, and critical in cordless gaming headsets, and the Astro A20 provide all three.

Exactly how to choose the very best gaming headphones for you?

Picking the very best gaming headphones boils down to a few different requirements. Whatever, the headset has to fit and give great gaming noise. Actually, I would undoubtedly say that the former is more vital than the latter. Also, suppose your headset generates below-average audio. In that case, you’ll still have the ability to hear what’s going on in your video game. Suppose it’s even a little bit unpleasant. In that case, you’ll want to tear it off of your head after about half an hour, and that’s not favorable to playing any kind of video game.

The next thing to think about is whether you want a wired or cordless design. Wireless versions are generally a lot more costly, yet the ease of living without cables might well be worth the cost. Typically speaking, wireless headsets that are compatible with COMPUTER and PS4 are not suitable with Xbox One and the other way around, so a headset that also features a 3.5 mm connection might be helpful in this case.