Best Island To Visit in Hawaii
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Best Island To Visit in Hawaii

It is an essential step in planning to choose the best island to visit in Hawaii. Since each island has its personality and charm, the best term is subjective. Also, while most people only visit one island, others opt to do some Hawaiian Island Hopping and see even more.


Oahu is the scorecard’s most famous city. It has the best accommodations and fine dining, and the atmosphere that it brings. Honolulu ranks 11th in the US as the largest city. You will likely invest most of your time there. Oahu boasts the best collection of historical and cultural sites, including excellent museums.

This island is perfect for watersports, and the beaches here will delight you. Oahu is loved and adored by all.

Best Island To Visit in Hawaii
Best Island To Visit in Hawaii


Many people will say Maui nu ka, which translates to “Maui the best.” Maui is the perfect location for nearly all tourists to the islands, no matter how your scorecard may not show it. It’s a middle ground between Oahu, the Big Island, and the country lifestyle of Kauai. Many people choose Maui as their honeymoon location because of the many available condos. Also Read: Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Las Vegas, Nevada in Your Lifetime

The Hana Highway ranks among the top driving attractions in the world. Haleakala, one of Hawaii’s National Parks, is also a great place to explore. There is something for everyone, including golfers and windsurfers. Maui is often called the “Valley Isle,” and it’s easy to see why. It’s fantastic to see the West Maui mountains and Haleakala in the East.

Hawaii’s Big Island

If you ranked the Big Island at the top of your wish list, we can’t blame you. It’s also our favorite- and with good reason. The Big Island is one of the most diverse islands in Hawaii. It’s also huge. It is more significant than all the other islands. It’s got everything, from barren grasslands through lush jungle and lava fields to snowcapped mountains. You can also walk on it younger than you!

There are many world-class resorts and condos located on the Kohala Coast. The Big Island also has excellent B&Bs both in Kona and close to the Volcano. It is also an ideal spot for birdwatching. There are plenty of activities available on Big Island. You can go horseback riding or hike in the Waipio Valley.


If you love all things green and like solitude, and you love to hike, welcome home! Kauai is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors. Kauai is the oldest central Hawaiian island. This island has been called the “Garden Isle.” It is home to beautiful fauna and flora. Kauai is home to some fantastic beaches and is the oldest Hawaiian island.

Kauai’s main feature is its inaccessibility to cars. So grab your hiking pole and head out on the trails! Kauai boasts what we consider to be the best hiking trails in Hawaii. Beautiful beaches like Kalalau on the NaPali coastline and a trek inland to Waialeale’s ‘weeping wall.’ Waimea Canyon can also be found on the Garden Isle. This is what Mark Twain called the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Best Island To Visit in Hawaii
Best Island To Visit in Hawaii

Kauai is more romantic than the other islands. There is one downside to Kauai: the weather. Green means lots of rain. You don’t have to worry about that. Kauai, our second-best island in Hawaii, and it is the best island to visit in Hawaii.


Molokai is the fifth-largest and the best island to visit in Hawaii. It is also one of the most remote. Here, you’ll be able to see some of Hawaii’s highest sea cliffs and a culture that has kept very close to Hawaii’s original roots.

Which is the best place to visit Hawaiin Beaches?

If you’re a sunseeker and a total beach bum, you probably want to know which Hawaiian islands offer the best beaches. I enjoyed the beaches of O’ahu’s northern coast. Many of them were quiet, sandy, and backed up to jungle-like areas.

  • Hulopoe Beach- Lanai
  • Hapuna Beach – Big Island
  • Kaanapali Beach Maui
  • Wailea Beach – Maui
  • Kaunaoa Beach-Big Island
  • Maui, Makena Beach
  • Punaluu Black Sand Beach on Big Island
  • Lanikai Beach – O’ahu
  • Waikiki Beach- O’ahu
  • Hanauma Bay – O’ahu

What’s the best time to visit Hawaii in the year?

Hawaii is known for its typical tropical climate. This means that you can expect mild temperatures, moderate humidity, and pleasant weather no matter which month you visit. Hawaii also has dry and wet seasons. December through April is classified as wet, while May through November is classified as dry.

Even though warmer weather may increase the odds of hurricanes and storms, they are doubtful to make it that far to Hawaii. The cost of traveling to Hawaii in April/May, September/October, November, October, and the first two weeks of December is much lower than other times.

April and May mark the start of Hawaii’s dry season. So expect warm temperatures and sunny days. September and October are also part of Hawaii’s dry year, whereas November marks the start of the rainy season.

Although temperatures are still mild (due to Hawaii’s year-round tropical climate), you can expect more rainfall during the wet months.