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Best Sneaker Brands For Men

Sneakers are, without a doubt, the most adored fashion of footwear in the world. While dress shoes and boots are essential to every male’s closet, shoes have gained their top position in the world of footwear since they are available in an array of colors, styles, and materials that let us display our unique personalities. In addition, due to their widespread nature, virtually every fashion label globally offers its pair available for purchase.

All budgets can be accommodated. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something affordable and fun that you wouldn’t want to give a smack or something at the luxury side such as rare and best sneaker brands that the crazed beasts lust after or that appear on special occasions; there’s an e-sneaker brand to suit everyone.

What brands of sneakers are you looking for? Although it’s true that whatever physical or online store you go to, you’ll find many options to choose from, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind to ensure you get the best shoes available.

Most of the best sneaker brands and models featured fall into the affordable category; however, we’ve also included some high-end alternatives for those looking to spend a bit more money on new shoes.

16 Best Sneaker Brands For Men’s


Balenciaga - FFT Experience (Best sneaker brands)
Balenciaga – FFT Experience

Famous for its Haute couture that combines streetwear with high-end fashion, Balenciaga has been at the forefront of sneakers fashion in recent years and has been the catalyst for style trends, particularly the chunky sneakers trend as their ‘TripleS model.

Their design approach is modern, and any pair of their shoes will crown you as the King of Fashion crown.


Cariuma - FFT Experience ( Best Sneaker Brands For Men's )
Cariuma – FFT Experience ( Best Sneaker Brands For Men’s )

Originating from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cariuma is a brand that is an expert in a sustainable fashion. Since the Amazon rainforest is right at its doorstep, The company is aware of the importance of taking care of our world. This is why all sneakers must be manufactured in sustainable ways using renewable materials such as bamboo or plastics that have been recycled.

They’re stylish, too; they’re incredibly comfortable. With an array of colors and available styles, it’s likely to be possible to find the right pair for your class. It’s important to note that these are some of the top-selling sneakers available on the internet currently.


Casca - FFT Experience ( Best Sneaker Brands For Men's )
Casca – FFT Experience ( Best Sneaker Brands )

Canadian shoe brand Casca was established by a pair of experts in business and design. The brand provides every one of its clients with personalized footwear with 3-D-modelled insoles.

This ensures that you find the ideal fit, and it will stop any of your family members from taking (or damaging) the sneakers. The company offers various styles of sneaker made of knit or leather versions and are available in a wide range of colors.

On Running

It’s always great to discover a versatile and suitable product for a wide range of applications. If you’ve been looking for an all-day pair of shoes that are highly comfortable, but could also be used for running or for running, then take a look at On Running.

The Swiss shoemaker makes many of the tops technologically advanced running shoes that use their unique CloudFoam technology. While most pairs appear and function as athletes, it does have several models that are exceptionally stylish and look great all day long with casual attire.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss - FFT Experience
Hugo Boss sneaker for men’s

If you’re looking for a bit of budget luxury, it is possible to trust Hugo Boss. The German brand caters to men who like a more conservative style and want to let their individuality shine through in some unique techniques.

The one thing you’re assured of is that the brand is committed to quality and only the best materials used in the production process. Consider 100% genuine leather and other bamboo materials that the brand utilizes for its insoles, which aid in humidity-wicking and airflow.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan’s shoes are unique and can be recognized from a distance by their hefty soles on a few pairs. Every pair of shoes the American brand designs are made from high-quality materials. All the typical silhouettes are carefully crafted.

The brand even has a sneaker that is a hybrid of dress shoes with an innovative casual style like and Oxford with the practicality and comfort of sneakers. There’s plenty more to talk about, including the brand’s focus on ease of wearing, with lighter-weight constructions with plenty of cushioning featured throughout the collections.

Duke & Dexter

Duke & Dexter Shoes
Duke & Dexter Shoes

While it’s true, Italy is the home of stunning craftsmanship and luxury leathers. However, the English come in a close second in terms of absolute quality and tradition.

These qualities are apparent throughout this Duke & Dexter brand. The brand is still in its early days; D&D designs and makes all of its footwear out of England and has earned international recognition. The sneakers of the brand can be seen at the feet of many prominent stars.


Grenson FFT Experience Best Sneaker Ever e1637160219604
Grenson – FFT Experience ( Best Sneaker Ever )

Since 1866, this British cobbler has been making elegant, high-end dress shoes. But, in recent years, Grenson has become a producer of some of the prettiest sneakers on the market while retaining their manufacturing methods and high quality.

With a slightly different style from other sneakers, Grenson’s shoes are sure to add a dash of elegance to any outfit you wear them with.


Fashion house Coach is a luxury brand. Coach is perhaps best known for its leather accessories and handbags; however, it also has footwear and clothing collections that you can browse through.

As you’d expect, the quality is top-quality and the materials used as well as the overall design. With exclusive features and technology like CitySole to give you the best in comfort, you’ll look not only great while walking about – wearing one of the top brands worldwide – but also feel great.

Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato is a Swedish brand of footwear that is at the forefront of international sneaker trends. The designs are minimal and minimalist, and some of them feature their distinctive bird embroidery. All of Arigato’s shoes are affordable in comparison to their competitors but top-quality.


Gucci - Best shoes for Men's
Gucci – Best shoes for Men’s

In 1921, the brand was founded. Gucci is among the most recognizable brands renowned throughout the world for its modern style of fashion. In addition, the cult brand offers sneakers that span the entire spectrum.

On the other side, they provide trendy large-sized sneakers that come in a range of bold and vibrant colors, but they also have traditional sneakers. Whatever your preference in shoes, Gucci will have a pair to suit your needs.

Saint Laurent

In 1961, the company was founded. French clothing house Saint Laurent is renowned globally for its incredible apparel, shoes, accessories, and footwear. This brand is the go-to when you want classic white sneakers.

Every sneaker is constructed from the finest materials and comes with a classic, elegant French design. Be aware that these premium sneakers aren’t cheap.


Lanvin is currently the longest-running French fashion house in operation. It manufactures its sneakers with the finest quality in Italy. Lanvin takes the classic Parisian style and modernizes it. The result is highly wearable sneakers that are contemporary but timeless.

Although the brand offers several different styles of sneakers available, our favorite is the sneaker with a ‘toe cap.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Shoes For Men's
Christian Louboutin Shoes For Men’s

The famous Red sole from Christian Louboutin is also available on men’s shoes. Their designs include this iconic design feature and other iconic design elements of Louboutin’s, such as their “spikes.” If you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, then Christian Louboutin is the right brand to choose.

Guiseppe Zanotti

The brand is known for blending Italian design with modern details; Guiseppe Zanotti has been manufacturing footwear. The brand is famous for its zippers at the sides of its shoes, which gives the sneakers a trendy and edgy appearance.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Sneaker Shoes For Men's
Tom Ford Sneaker Shoes For Men’s

Since launching his brand eponymous back in 2005, Tom Ford has quickly established the brand and himself as the most prestigious. With his unique style of mixing modern and classic styles, the Tom Ford collections are stunningly fabulous and of high quality.

The selection of shoes Tom Ford has to offer is the same as classic sneakers that can be used enough to wear too many different occasions. They are also adorned with contemporary features, which add a touch of cool.

Sneaker FAQs

Does it matter which country shoes are produced in?

Many premium sneaker brands remain proud to be manufactured in Italy; however, this isn’t the only source for top-quality sneakers. Today, China has caught up to the Italians in terms of sneakers’ construction techniques – according to Sneakerboy founder Chris Kyvetos. It’s a significant reason why Balenciaga relocated their operations out of Italy to China for their well-known Triple S line.

“Even with this move to China, Balenciaga’s aren’t being made in a sneaker factory – they’re still making them in a women’s shoemaking factory in China which has the tools to create a stitched and turned upper that is applied to a sneaker midsole – a process which can’t be achieved in Italy,” said the source.

Beyond Italy, Brands like New Balance continue to manufacture shoes like their iconic 990 ‘dad shoe in the USA with proven techniques that have been in use for decades.

Also, Adidas’ 4D technology sneakers, which require 3D printing equipment to create the unique sole, are manufactured in Germany using materials primarily made in Germany.

In essence, it doesn’t matter what country the sneakers were made in, but the kind of workshop or factory they were created in.

What to look to find if you’re looking for the most comfortable sneaker

The use of high-end leathers, e.g., pebble leather, won’t get as cracked over time.
The leather is thicker, which means the shoe’s shape remains and is more appealing for a longer time.
Tumbled leather is a popular option for middle-priced shoe brands that employ this technique to strike an equilibrium between price and quality.

What can you do to tell if the sneakers you are wearing are good quality?

If the shoes are made from leather or suede, check the material’s flexibility by bending the shoe. You should be able to move it quickly if it’s of good quality. If the shoe to be stiff, it’s likely to be a cheaper leather.

You can smell the inside of the shoe, And if the smell is of glue, it’s manufactured cheaply; an authentic shoe has to smell just like premium leather.

If your shoes are light when you get them, they’ll be sporting higher-end soles that tend to be of better quality.