Fashion Tips For Chubby Guys

Top 18 Fashion Tips For Chubby Guys

Wearing dresses to impress someone can boost your confidence. But all you need is the self-confidence to wear any clothes that please you. If you are on the heavier side, you might have experienced problems like pants fitting your waist may not include your thighs. Don’t worry, and this is the problem with all body types and not only a fat guy. Your body shape doesn’t matter for the kind of dress you wear, but we have collated a list of clothing tips that might embrace your more significant body.

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Here we start with fashion tips for a more significant body

Fashion Tips For Chubby Guys
Fashion Tips For Chubby Guys
  • Medium-high or high waist jeans: The biggest problem faced by fat people is the muffin top fat, a layer of fat formed on the sides around your waistline or stomach. This fat is more evident if you wear low waist jeans. Switch to medium-high or high waist jeans. This may not completely cover the muffin top fat but help you hide it under your jeans’ waistline. So choose your jeans effectively with this tip deciding on the waist.
    Say no to skin-fit jeans: Skin-fit jeans are a big no to the fat guys out there. This type of jeans usually crunches the thighs, making you look even chubbier. If the jeans are crunching your thighs, it flares up your ankle and makes you look short as well.
  • Wear vests: Always remember to wear a vest under your shirt to hide that extra fat. Vest has the elasticity and tucks or smoothens any imperfections around your abdominal area fat and absorbs your sweat.
    Too tight or too loose: Never wear a shirt that is too tight or too loose. If you wear a tight shirt, it enhances your more giant body fat, and if you wear an open shirt, it makes you look even more significant. So choose the shirt of your size.
  • Colors matters: Always try wearing shirts or pants that are dark-colored like black, navy blue, dark gray, dark brown, and dark green. Avoid light colors and dresses which have sassy prints and patterns on them.
    Short patterns over significant patterns: Choose short patterns over big patterns. Short patterns make you look thin. Pair short patterned clothes with dark-colored ones. It works like magic!
    T-shirts can replace vests: If you are not comfortable wearing a vest underneath your shirt, replace it with a round neck t-shirt. This does the same job as the Vest.
  • Intelligent layering: Learn the hacks of layering your clothes. If you are heading to a party and want to wear a jacket on top, replace it with a cardigan. Cardigans look classy and are lightweight at the same time. So, you are not losing on your party look as well.
  • Material matters: Remember to keep the material of your shirt or the pant as thin as possible. If the material is hefty, it will end up making you look fat. Also, slim material dresses will give space for ventilation.
  • Add thermals: This may sound a bit weird. But it’s true. Wearing thermals underneath your shirt will avoid the extra step of wearing a leather jacket when you are feeling cold, or you can wear a light-weighted jacket. This makes you look thin.
  • Taper pants: Wear jeans that are tapered in the lowered part, which is the ankle region. Get it done with your tailor. Taper pants look at long legs, making you look taller.
    Slim fit works for you too: You may have thought that slim fit shirts are not for you. But the truth is slim fit works for you also. Slim fit usually shoes your extra fat. The trick is to buy a shirt more significant than your size. Wear regular fit pants with a small fit shirt with ‘side V cut’ and un-tuck it. You can steal the show with this look.
  • Simple party wears look: If you are looking for a simple party wear look, go for a regular fit shirt with a ‘side V cut’ and leave it un-tucked. Pair it up with regular high waist jeans and dark-colored leather shoes. Top it up with a shiny metal watch, and you are ready to party!
  • Collar stay: This is a simple trick to make you look lean instantly. Add a choker to keep beneath your collar and make it stand straight. Don’t make your collar go wider. The wider-looking collar gives you a don look, which no one requires.
  • Accessories: Wearing more decadent accessories matching your costume is an important thing. Big, heavy metal watches which are classy take your outfit to the next level. This complements your clothing as the people’s focus also shifts on the look that you are wearing.
  • Glasses: Choosing your frames for glasses depends on the face structure. But boundaries also decide to make you look lean. Choose frames that are sharp cut and square, enhances the face features, and make you look thin.
  • Shoes: Sneakers compliment your dress. So, decide carefully on what you are wearing. Avoid wearing light-colored shoes, and choose shoes with black, blue, or brown colors. A leather shoe makes it up for most of the clothes, be it original leather or faux.
  • Cap or hat: Try adding a cap or hat along with your clothing. This adds to be a great accessory.
  • Jacket to hide fat: Wear a thin fabric jacket that can also be till your ankle helps hide that extra fat or imperfections.
  • Giveaway tips: Keep your pockets as empty as possible. Don’t overfill your bags with a wallet, phone, card, etc. This widens your pocket and makes you look fatter. If you have any tattoos that can enhance your personality, try to show off them with your clothes. Try custom making your clothes. Everybody size is different. So, stitch your clothes with your tailor or get them altered for store-bought clothes. Never tuck in your shirt if you have that extra tummy. This can make your belly fall apart from your body and make it look not lovely.
    Try avoiding wearing a belt since wearing a belt can pop your stomach out.

Horizontal stripes make you look wider. Avoid it. Roll your sleeves if you are wearing a full arm shirt. This gives an instantly new look for you. Always add accessories to build your look. Upgrade your wardrobe according to the tips above, and you will not find any difficulties in Fashion.


Confidence is the key. Never be hard on yourself. You look great the way you are and any clothes you wear. Dress fitting problems are the problem of fay guys, but people of all sizes face it. Try the tips mentioned above and tricks and cloth recommendations. This will definitely make you look lean.