14 most haunted places in the world.

14 most haunted places in the world

Do ghost exists? Aren’t you afraid of them? If not then visit these places below which are some of the most haunted places in the world. People avoid visiting these places always, but if you like racing your heart, these places might excite you. stay tuned!

Most of us are scared of haunted places, which brings us one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever. This blog brings up a list of the most haunted places in the world. If you are pussy be aware of what’s coming for you, so let’s start with the first one.

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The places are filled with stories or rumors, most of them have occurred in the real world. People have witnessed these incidents, which carry truth in them

14 most haunted places in the world.
14 most haunted places in the world

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s a cemetery but not any normal cemetery it has a huge number of mausoleums, fairy-tale grottoes, and tombstones too. One of the gravediggers, who worked there for 30 years committed suicide over there. People still hear the sound of his keys around sunset. People are often afraid of cemeteries and this cemetery makes it more creepy when it comes to visiting La Recoleta Cemetery.

Hoia- Baciu Forest Romania

Seems to be like a normal forest, but unlike others where you can camp at night, sitting beside a bonfire, and enjoy. Spending a night here will pump your heart out. The trees here are too creepy and growing in a crazy pattern. The trees here are twisted here and there and fog at night is enough for you to abort your plans to go to hoia-Baciu Forest.

Fairmount Banff Springs hotel, Canada

The hotel is surrounded by acres of dense forest, enough to get deviated from the destination. The hotel has many stories, you can hear from any of the staff members. People have witnessed some incidences in which science cannot fit. Science cannot answer the reasons for these spirits and the stories they carry.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Previously it was a prison but we can spend our time over here. The prisoners were alone throughout their sentence, they were never allowed to come out of their cell. People often celebrate Halloween here and listen to stories from the past.

Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

The castle is tall as a 7 story building and is one of the tallest castles in France. The story behind the castle is the daughter of king Charles Vll was killed by her husband when she was found having an affair. Today also people see her roaming in the tower room. She is called the green lady as she was killed in green attire.

Leap Castle, Coolderry, Ireland

This is not as scary as others but the history of this castle went way too far. There were executions, trapping people, and piercing throughout their lungs. While renovation, people found a huge number of skeletons buried. There is also a room called “bloody Chapel” where people were executed in clan disputes.

Tower of London, England

The tower of London was very famous for its executions in the past. King Edward IV vanished in 1483 and there were no traces of him to be found. People say different stories about the king, there are many more such stories around the city. There is another story regarding the two princesses who were imprisoned after the king’s death.

Jazirat Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

The place was almost demolished in the year 1968. People often hear sounds and feel someone’s around. They often say that djinns are roaming around in form of animals.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL

This place has a lighthouse, from where once a painter fell which cost his death. The same spot, after few years 3 girls feel and died too. People hear those 3 children playing and visitors claimed to. This is one of the most terrifying and haunted places on the whole list.

Whaley House, San Diego, CA

Jim Robinson aka “Yankee” was a thief and was caught while doing a robbery, he was hung till death four years before the house was built. Yet today people hear his footsteps as if he is trying to steal something. The whole Whaley family didn’t have any natural deaths, every death in Whaley’s house looked suspicious as if t RMS hey were killed by someone. People say that the ghost of Yankee killed em all.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

This place has proof of a ghost caught in a photo, in the 1930s. the photo still seems to be authentic as if, so far no one can prove it wrong. The ghost is said to be Dorothy, who was locked in the hall in the 18th century. The place is big as 7000 acres and the hall or palace is big enough to be missing and freak out.

Oriental Theater (formerly Iroquois Theater), Chicago

This place is a hell no, around 600 people got perished and now their spirits are said to be roaming around the theatre. The street behind the theatre where all the bodies were gathered is the most terrifying place, ever to be visited. The theatre is now rebuilt but still, people feel some kind of energy around the place.

Bhangarh fort, India

The fort is demolished to an extent and looks very creepy. People say that the fort is cursed by a wizard. Bhangarh Fort is only 100 km far from Delhi, the capital of India. Today this is a favorite tourist spot because of its past.

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Previously used as a warship, luxury cruise, now it is known as a restaurant and ghost ship. During its service as a luxury cruise, a sailor and his children were brutally murdered. People say their ghost still spins around the ship. The ship is now transformed into a hotel where you can visit and have fun, but the engine room is hell no for you guys. You can also see paranormal activities there.

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So these were the places you need to try out once in your life so that you taste what’s is fear called as. Most of these haunted places had some bad past, some people were brutally murdered, some committed suicide which in fact is a sad thing to talk about.

So I hope you guys picked few horror places for you to visit in the future, also if you know some places like such comment below so that we can improve the blog from time to time.