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Shaving Products for Men’s By Head Shave Club

For years the rarity of bald men gave rise to a community left to its own devices, relying on home-styled and homemade care products. But a surge of high-profile bald men coupled with recent scientific studies has exalted this large and burgeoning community as attractive, virile, and strong. As more men embrace their baldness, products that cater to them must meet their demand. HeadShaveClub carries an ever-growing myriad of versatile and practical head shave care products for bald men. This club is truly and finally a home for bald men from Razors, Electric Shavers, Oils, and Gels. Also Read: Top 15 Best Beard Trimmers in 2021

Imagine a world without the likes – and achievements – of Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Ving Rhames, Jason Statham, George Foreman. These men are bald, bold, and successful. They are unapologetically proud bald men

HeadShaveClub is not subtle in its approach to introducing customers to its product, which is part of its appeal. On the homepage of the website, it declares, “Wishlist? Men don’t wish, we do. Add to Cart Now.” HeadShaveClub mirrors the bold, humorous, and confident attitudes of its extensive – and growing – audience. 

The Products

Head Shave Club carries many products such as the newly released Electric Razor, fondly named “Earl”. And the shave gel, beard oil, the popular patented Halftime Razor, and the Head Shave Club Hat for those cold months. 


Earl From Head Shave Club
Earl From Head Shave Club

The electric shaver boasts many capabilities. With the words ‘Head Shave Club’ boldly crested on its chrome body, the Earl’s look captures the feel of modernity and masculinity. With its ergonomically designed handle made for easy use, Earl is a keeper. Other features are as follows:

It’s perfect for bald heads, beards, and trimming around the ears. It provides excellent close cutting action without friction or burn (please oil before every cut; oil included!!)

  • Cordless connection capability and USB fast charging: charge fast anytime, anywhere
  • 240 minutes of run-time after a single 2-hour charge 
  • The Earl is international, thanks to its global voltage – which makes it ideal for travel
  • Earl has a smart LED display that displays battery and speed levels!
  • Low noise

Earl also comes with:

  • Six different guide combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)
  • One hair trimmer
  • One adapter
  • One cleaning brush
  • Blade cover
  • One storage bag

Halftime Razor

Halftime Razor Pack By Head Shave Club
Halftime Razor Pack By Head Shave Club

This is a unique classic. The reviews for this product are phenomenal. This patented beauty was the kicking-off point of HeadShaveClub. Its up and down stroke motion on your head delivers the smooth and effortless shave any bald man deserves. 

Shave Gel

Shave Gel By Head Shave Club
Shave Gel By Head Shave Club

The Shave Gel boasts a magnificent scent and “provides excellent coverage for the Absolute best barrier in between your razor and your HEAD.” Irritation is a common complaint among bald men when they shave. Head Shave Club is answering the call to a once-neglected community by introducing the shave gel to its growing product selection.  

The Beard Oil

Beard Oil By Head Shave Club
Beard Oil By Head Shave Club

Common (the musician), Dwayne Johnson (the Rock), Stanley Tucci, the late great Sean Connery have all sported beards and bald cuts. Yes, Sean Connery too. Before he starred in the Bond movies, James Bond was a bald man (live with it, embrace it!). The beard and the bald is another level of calm. So why not care for those hair follicles. The Beard Oil contains the essential nutrients demanded and required by the bald, bearded community. Nutrient oils increase beard growth (because why not more) and promote good skin and beard health.

The benefits of beard oil should not be underestimated. Beard Oils reduce the occurrence of beard dandruff (yes, that is a thing) and itching. Oils make your beard look fuller and lusher – without falling into the homeless look (we love you, Nick Nolte but darn). And why not smell good, thus reducing the likelihood of you showing up on a podcast hosted by a smelly man and broadcasting in celebratory unison to the civilized world that you don’t shower (we are talking to you, Dax Shepard, and Aston Kutcher).

Either way, How to use The Beard Oil

Here are some tips

  • After a shower or when you wet your beard – but not drenched – put three to five drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and apply it to your entire beard. You may want to perform this application in a downward motion. 
  • Make sure to massage it through your entire beard.
  • For an even distribution of beard oil, men with long or thick beards should use a comb. (Product possibly coming soon) 
  • Please note you may need more beard oil for a long, thick beard.
  • Then finally, style as needed.

Head Shave Club Hat

Head shave club Hat
Head shave club Hat

I cannot emphasize enough the detail taken to cater to every aspect of the bald man. The Head Shave Club Hat may, at first glance, appear to be a gimmick or plain opportunism. Still, for any bald man who has been visited by the cruel winds of nature or the bitter cold that bears down indiscriminately upon us all, the hat is a brilliant gesture to them and the bald head community at large.

The head is a significant source of heat loss (60-80%). If not kept adequately warm during cold conditions, it could result in hypothermia. 

The Head Shave Club Hat creates a visually appealing casual look that is warm and compact. It’s the most suitable and stylish choice for the colder months of the year. 

Its fabrics don’t bother sensitive skin, unlike other materials that may cause itching and redness. So a cozy, casual Head Shave Club Hat is a great option.

The Club

HeadShaveClub products are affordable on their own; however, with the membership subscription, the savings are hard to beat. Head Shave Club is planning further expansions to include more irresistible product lines to its subscription. So keep watch, stay tuned, and visit HeadShaveClub.com – the rare and indispensable answer to the bald men community seeking care products.