7 steps to follow before visiting Neil Island

Best 7 steps to follow before visiting Neil Island

Are you fed up sitting at home and gazing outside the window? Want to go somewhere where you will have peace of mind? Neil island is the best choice.

As summers are approaching, some of you might be lazy and like to stay at home, but this blog is for those who want some thrill, enjoyment, and peace in their summers. Now, if you are of the second type, you may think, “ but where should we go” I made your job easier. The Neil island; you must be thinking.

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Where is this Neil island?

Neil island present right in the bay of Bengal. It is a part of the Andaman Islands, which is a union territory. Other information. The nearest airport here in Port Blair. The currency flown over here is Indian currency that is INR. If you want to go for planned packages, don’t worry, you’ll get all types of packages for all budgets. There is no broadband connection here, no high-speed Wi-Fi. There are cops to help you if anything goes wrong around the island.

So now you must have understood where it is and how it is.

Why only Neil islands?

Neil Island is special for its natural beauty. Let me elaborate for you. The reason, Why you should visit Neil island is its white, crystal clear beaches. Here you can see the corals down there, which is. Mostly you see only in foreign countries. Not only beaches but for peace of mind. The population here is too little, and silence is at its peak, which you must have starved for in cities. And the most important thing, the most important factor is that it fits in your tight budget.

7 steps to follow before visiting Neil Island
7 steps to follow before visiting Neil Island

Things to take along with you.

As you will be close to the sea, there are some add-ons to your normal stuff. Sun cream is a must so that you won’t tan yourself. Also, carry sunglasses that can keep your eyes comfortable. Don’t forget to carry the beach essential safety tubes. Kids love building sandcastles and, the instruments are to be carried. The next question arising in your mind is

How to reach Neil island?

There is only one way out, and that is by ferries or boats. Once you reach the nearest port Blair, you can book a ferry and reach your destination. For Port Blair, you have several ways like through bus, train, flight, car as per your preference. But don’t forget to book the ferry in advance otherwise you have to wait in a queue. Once you reach your next question is

Where to stay in Neil Island?

There are multiple hotels to stay in, here asking the best price possible to you. You can opt for any one as per your preference. You will find restaurants nearby hotels so that to don’t need to find more.

What to eat?

As you are on an Island, there is no question of eating. The best thing to eat here is seafood, rice, coconut, and the spices of Andaman. The cuisine here is just outstanding, and you’ll remember it. There are many restaurants to provide you food, to add on if you are a couple then there is also an option for candlelight dinner. Once your stomach is filled, you might think of going around the island and do something.

What to do?

Beaches are the best places to visit on Neil island, having several names as Ramnagar, Bharatpur, Sitapur, Laxmanpur beaches. And to add thrill you can go for scuba diving, snorkeling, and get a chance to see marine habitation closely. You can also go to the Howrah bridge, which is locally called Howrah. It is a naturally formed bridge made by flowing water beneath the huge rocks.

Up till now, you must be tired of spinning around and need some relaxation. To relax, you can go for a ride on a glass floor boat available at Bharatpur beach. The boats are available only for a specific time of the day. You can also visit the villages there and take a view of the huts. The people here are loving and friendly and try to help you in any way possible.


Believe me, if you don’t visit this place you will miss a nice opportunity. Luxurious hotels, great cuisine, multiple sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling will add some great moments to your life. And all these come to you in an amount you must have never imagined. In short great experiences and best utilizing your summers means Neil island.