The top most difficult places in the world you must visit

The top most difficult places in the world you must visit

We all are living on a planet that is of course very diverse not just in culture, but also geographically and politically. So thankfully, for any person who loves to travel, there are so many difficult places in the world to visit.  And the more difficult a  place to visit is, the more we are inclined to visit. Be it  Some island or beach, or be it high mountains or sandy or windswept plains desert that are located in some far-flung areas, these places always excite people. For instance, just imagine how beautiful and adventurous a trip to Tristan da Cunha would be.

Despite all the complexities & difficulties in reach there, once you are there so you will just pat yourself on the back for doing something marvellous. And this will for sure motivate you to start your journey somewhere that is even more adventurous.

So if you too are bored of visiting the regular beaches, forests or any other place, and you are looking for some fun, then you are at the right place, because here we are, with the list of some of the most difficult places in the world that any adventure-loving person must not miss.  The next time when you are sitting to look at the places that you have visited so far, you feel to have done something extraordinary. So keep reading to know the best & toughest places to visit not just politically but geographically as well.

Before diving in, one thing you must know is that the difficulty of any place depends not just upon travel expenses,& distance but also on the travel laws of that particular country where you want to visit, & the laws of your country as well, mode of transport available ( due to the geographical features) etcetera.

For example, according to a report of HPI, that is Henley passport index, Singaporean & Japanese passport have a visa in arrival or visa-free access to around one hundred and ninety countries. These Liberal travel laws of countries play a very important role in the making of our tour plans be it to some neighbouring countries or a plan to some most difficult places in the world.

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So let us look at some most difficult places to travel 

top most difficult places in the world you must visit
The top most difficult places in the world you must visit

The Independence Mountains of Antarctica

travelling to the independence mountain of Antarctica, in very simple terms is very difficult. It will include crossing the extreme portion of Earth, in extreme temperatures & therefore it is one the least travelled place & one of the most difficult places to visit.

To get there, and witness the beauty of the mountains yourself you have to take three to four flights. Besides this, after you are on the ground, you will be required to go through cross country skiing,& even sledging & that too in the large expanse of the arctic, & finally, in the solitude of tundra, you have to do camping as well.

But believe us, the first glimpse of these independence mountains will surely take away all your tiredness.


Kiribati is a sovereign state in the subregion of Micronesia, that comprises more than thirty coral reef island & atolls in the centre of the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati is expanded on a very large area of almost three and a half million sq. Km. You can say that it is also a difficult place to visit in some way, or in the other way it is accessible as well. The Bonriki International Airport in Tarawa connects the country to the outside world & other places in Kiribati such as Fiji or Brisbane. The capital of Kiribati is South Tarawa.

Approx, half of the population of the country lives on the small morsels of land. The scarcity of land led to the dense construction and this gives South Tarawa, a city vibe.

People here, know that Kiribati is on the frontline when it comes to global climate change. The Predicted rise in sea levels also have a devastating consequence, that is threatening to the people of the country.  Here, people are engaged in fishing, and apart from this tourism sector supports the economy, however, that is insubstantial when it is compared to other tourist attractions such as Fiji & Bora.

However, the beauty of this place surely excites those travellers who are looking for some magnificence, exotic & difficult places to visit

Dogon Country, Mali

The Dogon country is located on a beautiful plateau with an escarpment of 200km, that extends into a remote sandy plain. The Dogon country is a very remarkable place, that deserves to be visited. You can start your journey from Bamako,  from where you will take a flight so that you can meet any local guide from Mopti. To Reach the heartwarming Dogon country, you are supposed to forge the fierce Bani River & trek via extreme wilderness.

So, in short, to reach there you surely need a local guide to help you out. But it fit to share that when you reach the place after the complicated trek, you will be welcomed by so many traditional people in their villages who gave settled in the escarpment & nearby arid landscapes.  Given the beautiful journey & hospitality, the difficulties in reaching this one of the most difficult places in the world are absolutely nothing.

Rupununi Savannah Amazon of  Guyana

From a mist-shrouded jungle and mighty thundering waterfalls to rolling savannahs, Guyana is a truly untouched land of wilderness. And nowhere in the country epitomises this beauty that the Rupununi Savannah.

Flying into the remote Amazonian village of Surama, your adventure to reach the Savannah means traversing the dense jungle on foot, in a dug-out canoe and a specially adapted 4×4 vehicle, all while wild camping amongst the dense foliage.

The technical nature of the terrain and the importance of utilising survival skills make this one of the hardest places to reach on earth, but one of the most rewarding when you arrive.