Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants in European and Indian Nations

Top 10 Best Indian Restaurants in European Nations

When it comes to authentic spice and tangy, what could be better than Indian Cuisine, whether it’s spicy and sour curry, crisp and light chappati bread, or staple Indian rice dishes, there is not any flavor that can be found in a Thali(plate having all courses of serving). Nevertheless, it’s variety and different textures, this cuisine shows a lot of modifications and adaptations worldwide, yet preserving its originality.

It’s the incredible peninsula country, India, which is the center of the amazing cuisine, including its pre and post-partition traditional recipes. But due to the diverse population and distributed natives of the country, its food has also been brought to many foreign lands, especially Europe, who have willingly accepted them with open hearts and owing to love for it.

So here, is a compiled list of a few exquisite dine-outs and different types of restaurants across the globe and nation itself, to satisfy the need for extravagant food love:

Different types of Restaurants:

1.Moti Mahal, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi(India)

Located in the heart of the country, Moti Mahal is in Delhi, India’s food capital. It is one of the oldest and iconic restaurants in the country. It is not to brag, but is considered the inventor of the ultimate non-vegetarian Punjabi dish, ‘Butter Chicken’. It was founded by three Peshwari men who came to the sovereign nation after partition. Here, they settled up the culture of tandoori cooking, and from then on became famous for their chicken and Naan(baked Indian bread). Also Read: Top 10 pre-wedding locations in Rajasthan for Couples

2.Villa Maya, Trivandrum, Kerala(India)

For vegetarian enthusiasts, Villa Maya is in the most relevant region and the most desired restaurant. According to local food delivery apps such as ZomatoSwiggy, FoodPanda, and Dunzo, it is a heritage hotel with Michelin star design and food faculty. Its specialties are the fusion of Indian dishes with Mexican, Chinese and Italian twists. Along with excellent food choices, it has a soothing and calming vicinity for relaxed dining within budget.

3.II Guru, Via Cimarron, Rome(Italy)

It is one of the most sophisticated and elite diners with such an astonishing menu, including most Indian dishes. More than 4.5 ratings of customer reviews on Google, this four-star restaurant though a little bit on the expense side, is worth every penny, and especially it’s tandoori menu is just to be felt till salvation. Its regal interior and awesome dining have become a huge local attraction for both tourists and citizens.

4.Jai Hind, Moscow (Russia)

One of the Azimut hotel extensions, Moscow is the Jai Hind restaurant, with a wide variety of delicious and amazing vegetarian Indian dishes. The company has a chain of restaurants in the Southern Part of India. Hence it has a menu comprised of delicacies of Coastal India, from Rasam, different types of Dosas, and ads to North Indian appetizers such as Vegetable samosa, Local stuffed bread ‘Naan’, and many more mouth-watering dishes. It is the most budget-friendly option in the capital along with uncompromisable quality as well as quantity. Also Read: Top 10 Indian Food That Everyone Loves

5.Darbars, Moscow (Russia)

One of the oldest Indian food establishments in Russia has been active since 1995 and has not lessened its love for Indian aesthetics and culture. It has recently gone under a division with the new branch of open dining at Prospekt Mira. It has various Indian vegetarian and vegan options too, all with skilled curries and rice. It has the option of authentic freshly puffed chappati bread(Roti) for sentimental homesick and newly arrived tourists, and spice seasoned tossed vegetable fillings(Sabzi).

6.Saffron, Bengaluru, Karnataka(India)

Owing to its vibrant and vigorous terminology, it is one of the best food places in India, with massive rates of take-outs and dine-in reservations. It has all of the main dishes anyone can eat in India as it has recipes such as Kashmiri Dum Pulaav to local Devanahallipomelo pudding. It has more than 25 ordinary people at once and is specialized in Indian curries such as lentil and fish combinations, including all the local seafood.

7.Sepia, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh(India)

When it comes to the original tempting and fresh meat-centered sidebar of Indian cuisine, Lucknow is the most know city for its cultural heritage with non-vegetarian and dairy-based desserts. Sepia is one of the few franchises carrying the legacy of Lucknowi Kebabs and halal meat varieties, with explicit Indian fine dining etiquettes. From melting Giluoti kebab to chewy but smooth Sheikh kebab, it has all these varieties cooked on age-old grills and seeks which have been approved of all hygiene standards and are authorized by Michelin guide. It also has a heavenly aromatic range of Indian desserts, like Gulaab Jamun and Keshar Phirni, made from fresh ingredients, and is generously filled with love and sweetness

8.Ristorante India, Via Nazario Sauro, Bologna(Italy)

It has an expert food department faculty of chefs and connoisseurs trained with spice and choices of Indian and Asian food styles. It could easily quench the thirst for authentic Indian food outside the land, as it has a menu consisting of dishes such as Butter Chicken Masala and Fried Vegetable Pakodas. They also have inland beverages such as Masala Chai tea, Filter coffee, and toddy brands, hence proving the point of being a Restaurant of India.

9.Mayfair Garden Champs, Elysees, Paris(France)

All in the world’s fashion capital has a bit of sparkle and a twist of glamour, so why to skip food from it, hence Mayfair Garden Champs have renovated the culinary and gastronomical adventures of Indian appetizers and main course with the use of modern art and science. Besides, maintaining the origin of natural flavours, their dishes have a real taste fitting to the receptors of both locals and outsiders. It is a 5 star rated diner, with must-try cookeries such as Mutton Fry and Rogan Josh.

10.The Earth Plate, Vile Parle East, Mumbai(India)

It is the most famous Indian restaurant chain and the former member in the list of ‘Top 10 restaurants in the world‘ By Times Magazine, in India, Mumbai’s commercial capital. With almost all cultural varieties of Indian cuisine, whether from pure vegetarians such as Jain, seafood inclusion such as Bengali and North Eastern, or strong and bold, carb and fat-enriched dishes of Northern India, it has all, prepared by chefs from around the country. The originals also provide a nice amount of fusion recipe both in vegan and gluten-free options.

It could be deduced that due to the versatility and wide distribution of the Indian population worldwide, even its cuisine and recipes are also widely spread, and due to its flavorful and colorful nature it’s consumed and liked for its authenticity and nutrients as the food rich in calcium and iron. All the above-mentioned Indian restaurant names are capable of serving a full-fledged Indian meal within inexpensive options.