Top 10 Best Trekking Places to Visit in USA

Top 10 Best Trekking Places to Visit in USA

In this article, we will be covering everything related to blogs. After reading this blog, you will be all set to get out of the house and love some free life. Life with peace, fresh air, and at great heights. Have you guessed, Yes, I am talking about trekking? By reading this article, you will come across answers to the questions that come to your mind.

Trekking in the USA often sportspeople choose, but most of them don’t know what they are missing out on. So, stay tuned

Why you should go trekking?

Trekking is more often like a reset button of your brain. It reduces stress and improves our fitness. A weekend trek is enough for the whole week’s chores.  Trekking improves cardiovascular strength and brings you closer to nature. You will learn new things about the environment that will be useful for you in the future. Me time you get while trekking is worthless.

You also get your buddies out there, to chill out for some time. You will get to know each other more. In most of the trekking areas, you would not get a mobile signal, so you will not be disturbed. Trekking also involves living inside a tent, fire camps, cooking food on fire, sleeping, and staring at the stars. The days with no stress, just you and your loving ones.

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Where to go for a trek?

Here are the best places in America that you can often choose for trekking. We will tell you the best points to visit in these places, where you can live life to the fullest. Let’s roll.

Best Trekking Places to Visit in USA

Glacier National park

This should be your 1st preference while going trekking. Placed in northwestern Montana, this is called the hiker’s paradise because of its 700 miles of trails. The park is full of greenery and animals, you will feel natural for sure. The park has 130 lakes and the land is as big as 16000 square miles.


Yosemite is located in the western Sierra of California. Around 748,436 acres of the area are filled with forest mountains. You will also see a wide range of plants and trees over here. You can visit this place and meet your soul lonely, with the silence of nature and the voice of your heart.


This place is close to Glacier National park and is over 2 million acres huge. This place has a mountain and waterfall to rejoice in your heart. A trekking lover should never miss an opportunity to visit Yellowstone. You can also camp around the waterfall catch some fishes and chill.

Zion National park

This national park is in Utah covering around 145,596 acres of land. This is not as huge as rest places but it should be on your list because of its geological importance. The Colorado plateau started to build 13 million years ago and is 10,000 feet high. These facts are not enough for you to visit Zion National park?

Grand canyon

Grand Canyon is in Arizona, the Colorado River flows through this area. It is around 18 miles wide. Small right? but, the riverside is pretty cool. Imagine fishing along the river, cooking them inborn fire enjoying one of the most beautiful moments of your life, with your loving ones.

Jasper national park

Jasper national park from Alberta, Canada, is an icy land and one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Its  4200 square miles has a wide range of wild animals from bears to wolves, so better be aware. If you like cold places and love living my time, this is for you.


This place is also in Alberta but has a more dense forest. It covers around 1.84 sq mi. Banff is very close to the city so you can chill out whenever you want. You can also opt for skiing here. The clime here is too cold and goes up to -0.2° C. You also have the option of fishing, so be ready.

Grand Teton national park

The park is located in Wyoming and has covered around 310,000 acres of land. One lake here is around 15 mi long in length and 5 mm wide, the lakes are too deep. The Jackson hole or Jackson valley is an attraction for tourists.

Arches National park

The park is attached to the Colorado river and placed in eastern Utah. This place has less forest area as compared to others, more often it can be called a desert. You will be amazed viewing the balancing rock and courthouse tower.

Olympic National park.

Olympic National park is the only seaside trekking place for us on this list. Facing the sea and enjoying the sunset, is liked by everyone. Also, there are multiple coconut trees and many more, so do not worry about the food. If you can not find anything, fishes are there for you to be eaten up.

What to carry with you?

Some stuff like water, food, medications if there are mandatory while trekking.

While going trekking, you need to carry some stuff that can not be forgotten. I have also picked some, Which I find the best in the market. We have kept some standards before choosing these, budget, quality,30 days return policy, and also reviews. So you can just click on the links below and check-out.


The tent is an important thing while trekking as you need to have some shelter while staying in the forest.


While trekking, you need to chop some woodcut meat, fruits, such times you will need a knife, and it should be razor-sharp. Also, it acts as a weapon against animals.


The trekking itself indicates walking, and you cannot walk along with uncomfortable shoes. They should have a nice grip and fit your legs well.

Bag pack

Bag pack is the most essential thing, all the things, to be carried can be added into it, and you are ready to go.


If you want to avoid sleeping on the floor you need to carry a hammock. It is easy to carry and can be easily used. All you need is just trees and the skill to tie it hard so that you would not fall.

Portable Mattress

If you have a tent, then you need to carry a mattress too. You should avoid lying on the ground and also the cloth of the tent is not thick to protect you from cold. So better carry one with you.


Medkit is as important as your water bottle. While trekking, if you get injured, you should have proper medications. If you fail to apply antiseptic, you may get infected by some of the other things.


So you must be ready up till now to choose one of the 10. Also, do not forget the “do carry list” to enjoy without any problems. The places we have chosen for you are based on various factors and the points are based on reviews, so you can believe us to the fullest.

Believe me, the USA has a bunch of places to chill out on your vacations and weekends.

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