Fashion Tips For Chubby Guys
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Top 10 new fashion tips for men in 2021

Shopping for stylish yet comfortable wear can be challenging for men as they spend lots of resources on fancy things forgetting that simple things can make a difference in looking better. So the best fashion tips are to play by the rules of the game acing up your style.

  Like any other skill like cooking, Dressing well is a skill that can be learned through varied suggestions rather than the last word on style. Nailing a casual attire establishes a strong foundation and helps in building your wardrobe easier. Once you have decided on pairing your favorite shirt with Pants, it is just a  matter of seconds in putting the best styling outfit together.

With Menswear becoming avant-garde, men need to know these fashion tips for avoiding a ┬ápotential faux pas as it takes a rare creature to look good in only a pair of t-shirt and jeans the rest of us have to craft our magnificence. A man’s fashion must fit his heart, mind, and soul, and if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t wear it.

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Here are the top 10 new fashion tips for men in 2021 to perfect their style

1.Dodonet impulse on buying Quantity over Quality

Be smart with your cash in buying a new thing even if it’s a piece of clothing always buy Quality material over Quantity aiming for a flexible wardrobe. Aim for solid colors like blue and white as they are generally a man’s best bet. Quality clothes are better, looking than the Least Quantity of clothes.

 When you find a good pair of shorts or pants that fit well with different colors and patterns, buying two Fitting clothes are the ones that will look good on men as wearing large or slim clothes makes you look less attractive, so avoid buying them. Purchase a fair amount of slim jeans as there is a difference between skinny and slim jeans so opt for the slim ones.

2.A pair of good shoes

top 10 fashion tips for mens
top 10 fashion tips for mens

Shoes are among the first things that both men and women tend to notice so purchase a good pair of shoes which you can pull off with your outfit together, but it doesn’t have to be expensive but something which is comfortable and fits you too. So choose flexible and comfortable shoes.

3.Never wear all black

If you are wearing a black shirt that doesn’t mean it has to be paired with black pants as it merely looks like you don’t have any other clothes and never wear the same matching shirt and pants as this makes you look like you bought your wardrobe from a Gymboree. Wearing a suit or tuxedo only makes exceptions for wearing a black.

4.Remember in investing in accessories

Men usually do not wear lots of accessories. They need to invest in things like Watches, Belts, pocket squares, socks which might help them look attractive.

top 10 fashion tips for mens
top 10 fashion tips for mens

  Watches are personal, which is like a piece of art that can knock your everyday wear. Functional, formal, sports rugged models can be some of the models which can look better with your attire. Purchase a watch that fits you and be right in terms of size as well.

 A solid-colored pocket square is recommended to match your suit fabrics. A Black or brown leather belt with the same texture can fit well to have an engaging new look with your suit.

5 . Don’t Skimp On Glasses

Picking a good pair of spectacles and investing your time is necessary to define them for three to four years. Poor choice and poor fit can help people learn their mistakes, Buy what you feel good keeping in mind about considering the face shape, and lines of the frames as cheap frames will look tatty soon enough anyway.

6. Look after your appearance

When you have invested money on clothing so look after that just like looking after the skin do the leather jacket you wear daily you need to establish a simple Grooming regime like brush your hair, cut your nails, Trim your beard but do not shave it as the study shows that women find men with well-maintained beards attractive as it judges their social attributions. So it’s high time to trim your beard if you want to look better and perceive to have good health in your life.

7. Take care of your clothing

Style is all about getting dressed appropriately in the right combination to work with the setting you are in, whether it’s a party or a business meeting. The worst style is when it’s out of place, so be comfortable with the setting and combination you wear. That means you need to stick with well fitted clean clothing which encourages people to have a rugged look on you. Simultaneously, take care of your clothing with just a few bucks of buying things such as wooden hangers for suits, a reliable iron, show trees for shoes, ring your shirt correctly and use the right detergent.

8. Ignore fashion Trends

Fashion Trends tend to change quickly; don’t fall prey to the whimsical whims of fashion. Avoid accessories or clothes which do not survive fast in a season like jeans and skinny ties as you cannot afford to overhaul your entire wardrobe every month So stick to basic patterns, colors, combinations, and textures in clothing.

9.Confidence is the key

Either it’s a simple T-shirt or jeans or Athleisure wear. Always wear it with confidence. There is no prize for dressing but whatever you wear you have to own it.  You can wear a thousand dollars worth of outfit if you don’t wear them with confidence then you are at the problem. As dressing and styling to look good come within oneself to look potentially profitable and not on their appearance, it is with their skin, not on the costume.

10.A Guy’s Basic wardrobe

You need to have an essential collection of clothing in your wardrobe rather than overspend on extraneous clothing. Prefer dark or medium wash jeans that are not too baggy or have unnecessary pockets. Khaki or cargo shorts for casual days. A pair of white buttoned shirts and dark blue or green can go down with khakis or jeans. A must include black leather belt and leather shoes for formal wear, or you can even get more mileage by dressing up with casual style. And last but not least T-shirts or short-sleeved polo t-shirts for weekends or casual days.

These are our top 10 fashion tips for men for more like this follow us on Social Media