Top 10 Italian food restaurant

Top 10 Italian food restaurants

Do you love Italian food? Many of you have tasted Italian food like pizzas, spaghetti, etc. It is admissible that Italian food cuisine contains most dishes which are mouth-watering and you can’t resist eating it. Many people are acquainted with Italian food culture and love the way of presentation. so many Italian food dishes are there that, it is almost impossible to stay away from them.

The aroma of Italian food is mind grabbing and the Italian food style is out of the world. if you travel to Italy you will be able to see the whole culture properly, So, fly to Italy and enjoy the fashionable culture of Italy!

are you in search of a top Italian restaurant? Want to know where these restaurants are located? want to experience the taste of Italy in India? Are you in search of an Italian restaurant near you which can provide you the taste of Italy?

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Here is a guide of some famous Italian food restaurants in India which are real in authenticity. Ready to go into Italy’s taste by remaining in India!

Top 10 Italian food restaurant
Top 10 Italian food restaurant

1.Celini Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

A great Italian attraction site in Mumbai, which is run by an Italian chef. This restaurant is a great destination to experience Italian food, it contains perfect dining. It is a place where Italian recipes are presented in a modern touch. When you enter inside you will feel very comfortable but it’s the food which makes you feel extraordinary. Gourmet pizza, Arugula salad are the specialty of this place. You can experience that your taste buds are triggered by the taste of food.

2.Artusi Ristorante E Bar, Greater Kailash, Delhi

A fine place recognized for its interior decor, authenticity, soothing lights. Walls have pictures of great personalities that enhance the beauty of walls. This place is the best spot for getting the best experience of Italian food in Delhi. Panna cotta, Sangria, Lasagne are the special dishes of this place. You will get pure Italian food here not with the mixture of Indian food like other restaurants. A must watch the place.

3.Spago, Greater Kailash, Delhi

Another restaurant in Greater Kailash is Spago, recognized for its casual dinner. The interior is classic and provides soothing surroundings that help in your appetite. Asparagus soup, Mushroom Risotto, grilled king prawns are the special and lip-smacking dishes of this place. This place provides a bread basket on the table to make the moment more memorable for customers.

4.Cafe Paresan, Faridabad

This place consists of an adorable feel, a cozy decor of wooden flooring, not stuffy at all. Monochrome blue is painted on the wall and pictures are framed on the walls which are so beautiful that you can even get lost in them. Hand-tossed pizzas, waffles are the special dishes of this place. How is alfredo pasta ignored? This dish is a must-have dish of this place.

5.Chianti, Bangalore

This place is a fascinating visit to Bangalore. Mainly youth visit this place and it gives a cosmopolitan feel. This place is known for its beautiful ambiance and soothing low light and comfortable arrangement of the seating. Stuffed Mushroom, Virgin Sangria are the famous dishes of this place. The menu list has a variety of dishes that are modified by the chef and presented to customers. Little add-ons in the dish make it more catchy.

6.Big Chill, Saket, Delhi

This place lies in the heart of DLF Saket mall which is always ready to welcome you with full gratitude. Apart from providing Italian services it also provides other services like Mexican European, etc. Contained brick decor with red paint and posters of famous Italian films are framed on the wall. Spinach Ravioli, Chicken Pasta is the special dishes of this place. this place is a bit costly but the food balances the price,

7.Flying Spaghetti Monster, Visakhapatnam

Another great Italian restaurant with simple decor and soothing style. A variety of options are provided by this restaurant but the special ones are Blueberry Cheesecake, Grilled Chicken, and the most special and demanding is Spaghetti flying monster. Customers are in most need of Spaghetti flying monsters with basket Garlic bread.

8.Little Italy, Pune

This is in the chain of a little Italian restaurant and is a must-visit place in Pune. This place is different from others as it consists of catchy decor, a modern approach, low lighting, and comfortable seats. This is the Italian restaurant in which only vegetarian dishes are presented like Mango cheesecake, pizza Napoli.

9.Quattro Ristorante, Mumbai

A restaurant with a feeling of casualness, the decor is classy and great woodwork is done in the restaurant. In dishes Gastronomy, art is involved. Gnocchi Paprika, Firehouse Nachos, and Mediterranean Pizza are some of the dishes which are preferred by customers.

10.Fiorella, Vadodara

The restaurant looks adorable with the work of mortar and brick accompanied by catchy lighting and a comfortable environment. Zupa De Pollo Soup, Insalata Di Pollo with Pina Colada is preferred by customers.


If the description of Italian restaurants made you feel hungry then travel to these places and enjoy the taste of Italian food. If not then you can also enjoy Italian style pizza at home. Italian food is given a touch of modernity so that it can look more presentable and catchy.

So what are you waiting for? These are some of the best Italian restaurants in which you can try for experiencing the taste, culture, and fashion of Italy. Be choosy and hop in one of the best Italian restaurants near you. Don’t waste your time.