Top 11 best perfumes for women

A women’s perfume tells more her than her handwriting. Yes, perfume plays one of the most important roles in any woman’s life. If you are in search of some best perfumes in the market. You are at the right place. There are a few things to be kept in mind before purchasing a perfume, I have listed them below for you.

How strong is the perfume?

Price– it needs to fit in your budget.

Availability– is it available in your country.

Durability– how long the perfume lasts?

Quantity- the amount you get is correct for your bill?

Main ingredients– it should not cause any side effects while applied.

I have collated the list of top perfumes in the Indian market that is worth a try. The perfumes are listed in descending order based on their pricing with their links so that your time and hard work to find it is saved. As a bonus, I have also included few budget-friendly perfumes at the end. Check them out as well. These perfumes are the best perfumes on Amazon.

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So, let’s start with the top 11 best perfumes for women:

top 11 best perfumes for women

Beyonce Perfume, Heat Rush:

Invest in the top-end collection of perfume, Beyonce, you will stand out in the crowd wearing them. It shines, sparkles, and excites the moment it touches the skin. This perfume enriches and enhances the beauty of a woman wearing it. Surrounded by a luminous fragrant aura, the woman who wears it feels instantly effervescent and alive. Sensual and bright, the scent lights up a room just as Beyonce captivates with her presence. It hits the top notes – Passion Fruit Sorbet, Blood Orange, Brazilian Cherry Heart Notes: Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom, Orange Hibiscus Flower Base Notes: Honey Amber, Teak Wood, Rio Sunset Musk.

Price: 13,218rs, but you get it at a heavily discounted price of 4067 on Amazon with the link below

Quantity: 30 ml (1 fl oz)

Durability: Very Long-lasting

Katy Perry Perfume, Royal Revolution:

If you want to feel royal after wearing a perfume, try Katy Perry’s perfume – Royal Revolution. It is on the higher end side and would cost a fortune as a perfume. But, definitely a treasure to your perfume collection. Top Notes with Pink Freesia, Black Thorn, Pomegranate Heart Notes of Orange Flower, Sandalwood, Jasmine Petals Base Notes of Soft Leather, Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid. It lasts for hours so no need to carry it with you for re-applying when you go out.

Price: 7141

Quantity: 30 ml

Durability: Extremely long-lasting

Clinique Happy For Women Perfume:

If you are a perfume lover and spend extra on your perfume, try the Clinique Happy For Women Perfume. This one is a bit on the higher end but never fails to satisfy your luxury perfume needs. Clinique Happy Is A Fragrance Of Joy, The Essence Of A Sunny, Happy Morning. As per the manufacturer, it contains fresh apples, plums, and bergamot. They are mixed in presence of, fresh-air accord as top notes proceed into the exotic floral heart composed of freesia, lily, rose, and morning orchid. Musk and amber as the base of the perfume. This perfume was created by Jean-Claude Delville and Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

Price: 6500

Quantity: 100 ml

Durability: Very long-lasting


One of the hyped products- Ed Hardy, is now available in India. I am adding this to the top list is because of its unique, luxurious feeling fragrance. This perfume is a bit on the expensive side, but worth the money spent on it. This smells more like girly, floral, and super sweet. The fun part about this perfume is the packaging. Below are the details.

Price: 2069

Quantity: 50 ml

Lasts for: 7-8 hours

Designer: Christian Audigier

Avon Today Perfume:

If you are a floral perfume person, this one is for you. This smells like a field of the flower. However, this is not a heavy perfume. It smells light and fresh and just out in the garden with flowers around you. It stays all day with few sprays. So, hurry up and grab the little bottle of wonder.

Price: 1840

Quantity: 295 g

Lasts for: 5-6 hours

Victoria’s Secret Crush Fragrance Mist Perfume:

This is an on-the-go fragrance mist, a must-have in your perfume collection. This electric scent has fresh energy, playful florals, and sexy spice for an intoxicating high. This perfume hits the fresh notes – pink peppercorn, treasure peony, and Ashok flower bottle.  Are you on a vacation? Never forget to carry this amazing bottle with you. You will never be disappointed.

Price: 1550

Quantity: 250 ml

Durability: Long-lasting

Ajmal Shine EDP Fruity Perfume for Women:

One of the best perfumes in this price range, targeting the customers who like both floral and fruity fragrances. This perfume delivers a luxurious feel when you wear it. As per manufacturers, one of the best party wears perfume to leave a stunning impression on everyone. These are the Notes of the Perfume. Top Note – Fruity, Middle Note – Floral, Base Note – Powdery Woody, Worth a try!

Price: 1494

Quantity: 75 ml

Durability: 5-6 hours

MY FRAGRANCE Personalized Perfume:

Are you planning to gift perfume to someone? Then why don’t you make it a personalized one? My Fragrance brand customizes your perfume according to your preferences. They collect your preferences like rock, gentle, professional, glamorous, natural, sportsman, and more and come up with a perfume that suits you. This is one of the dominant companies in the field of customized perfumes. The best part is they print the name of the customer along with an attractive logo. Also, print a tagline according to our preferences. This perfume bottle would make the best gift for someone special.

Price: 1299

Quantity: 100 ml

Durability: Need to apply every 2-3 hours

Garance Perfume For Women, Long-Lasting Luxury French Fragrance:

This is a luxury French perfume for women that lasts long and has a fruity smell to it. The power of femininity and sophistication will be evoked. While it radiates the aura from inside out. It captures the spirit of the women. As per the manufacturers, the perfume is engineered to perfection for any occasion. For best results, use after shower on a moisturized skin. You will not regret buying this.

Price: 849

Quantity: 100 ml

Durability: Long-lasting

A Fragrance Story Eau De Parfum Valley Of Flowers:

A fragrance story from an Indian perfume house. This perfume is manufactured in India. The smell of this range of perfume reminds you of the rich Indian culture. This particular perfume is a valley of flowers that is a fragrance from the floral – woody notes are inspired by the scenic, aromatic flora along the Pushpavati river of Uttarakhand. This contains beautiful ingredients like Orange blossom, Lilly of the valley honeysuckle, jasmine, patchouli, orange and amber accord. This perfume is pocket friendly too. Grab one!

Price: 699

Quantity: 50 ml

Lasts for: 6-8 hours

United Colors of Benetton Colours Blue for Her Eau De Toilette:

UCB Blue for Her perfume is an everyday wear perfume, most likely worn when you are heading to the office. This stays super long, and there is no need for re-applying. As the manufacturer says,” An orange and young feminine perfume with a strong personality combined with elegance and the transparence of freesia “. Completely irresistible. United Colors of Benetton Fragrances are founded on the beauty of diversity and colors – an open invitation to embrace the unique and diverse scents by the one and only, Benetton. Must try!

Price: 840

Quantity: 50 ml

Durability: 6-8 hours

These are my recommendation for the best perfume available in India. These provide you the utmost luxury of fragrance. Stays, longer. I have a small list of other perfumes available in the market, having a great smell and pocket friendly.