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Top 12 Best diners in Rajasthan

Rajasthan the place of the Royal families in the western north has a wide range of cuisine and tourists find it difficult to recognize which restaurant to prefer. So after roaming around Rajasthan it’s obvious to feel hungry. Want to know the best restaurants in this state? The price which fits in your budget and taste will leave a mark on your taste buds.

Before making a list of best diners we have dived deep into the restaurants and picked the best diners only after passing these few conditions.

  • Hygiene throughout the surrounding
  • Service
  • Of course taste
  • And also presentation
  • Also during this pandemic, all of these restaurants take special care of sanitation. The surroundings are well cleaned and body temperature is checked as you enter. Also Read:- Top 10 Indian Food That Everyone Loves
Best diners
Top 12 Best diners in Rajasthan

Here’s the list of Top 12 Best diners in Rajasthan

Royal repast

The restaurant is situated in Jodhpur city and known for its vegetarian food. They serve a wide range of cuisine right from Asia to Indian. The mutton and rain served over here are just mind-blowing. There is also an option to sit in a courtyard, where you can chill.

Sparkling water here will cost you around 200 rupees, so it can be a bit costly but worth investing in. Also Read: Top 10 travel destination

The Green House

The restaurant or hotel is filled with greens as it is named. There is also a cultivation area where leafy vegetables are grown. The Jacuzzi makes the place more beautiful. There is also an option to stay in tents. Mainly people in Pushkar prefer veg food but here they serve nonveg too with some alcoholic drinks. The food is also delicious as you expected.

The Rajput room

As I said Rajasthan was once known for the royal families and their huge palaces. One of such palace is used by this restaurant, dining here will make you feel royal. The diner is known for its rose metal croissant, at times the chef itself serves it to you and tell the benefits of it. All the three meals provided here have some special touch in it which will make you visit this place again n again.

Raas Devi Garh

The restaurant is placed in Udaipur and is known for its veg food. They provide Indian as well as continental food, rose petal ice cream in the desert makes a mark. You’ll feel the luxury once entered and their awesome hospitality. Once you are in don’t forget to taste Rajasthani lamb and Jodhpuri chicken, they are the best of chef Sanjeev Kapoor. You can dine in viewing Aravalli hills.


Fall in love with the organic is the restaurant’s tag line. They serve tandoori and barbecue dishes which are worth trying once. Also, there is a huge variety for vegetarians. The place where the restaurant has a fam of its own, you’ll get lots of knowledge about the royal family here. The restaurant is situated in Jaipur city, it is very well decorated to make you feel enlightened.


The restaurant serves rose water as a welcome drink. It is very close to the Jain temple, and maintain strict cleanliness. They provide a wide range of dishes with great taste as well. It can be called a part of the Mana hotel in Ranakpur. So don’t forget to jump in there when you visit Rajasthan. Also, don’t forget to try the Rajasthani thali where you’ll get all the famous dishes on a single plate.

Samode Haveli

It’s known for its hospitality and northern cuisine. The restaurant serves a special menu only for the kids where you’ll see dishes of your child’s liking. Kebabs, tikkas, biryani, and various chicken dishes will make your day more special. It is placed in Jaipur and known for its romantic dinners where you can go with your love. Also, don’t forget to try the Mughlai dishes.

RJ 14

This restaurant is known for its desi dishes, chaat, masala papad, tomato shorba, and many more. You can get a wide range of Indian dishes and its paneer tikka is just mind-blowing. You can also opt for south Indian dishes and street food.

Jaipur Adda

The restaurant is placed in the corner of Jaipur city and serves exotic dishes. Don’t forget to try its corn bhel and naan pizza. You may not get the state’s traditional dishes here but modern and innovative dishes are the tastiest. The walls here are well decorated and the redwood used for building the restaurant just looks beautiful.


The restaurant tags fall in love with the organic, known for its deserts. The stuff used for cooking these dishes is fully organic. No harmful chemicals are used, so stop worrying about your health. You must try apple pie and spaghetti tastes one of the best. It is available 24/7, so wherever you’ll feel eating some desert just visit Zolocrust.


Creative interiors are their tagline. The walls are painted very well and the food is too good too. The restaurant is known for its waffles, pizzas, and other snacks. This restaurant is also placed in Jaipur and don’t forget to try their sushi and another Japanese cuisine.

Chao Chinese Bistro

As the name suggests it is a Chinese restaurants where you’ll get one of the best dumplings in Rajasthan. It is located in Jaipur. You must try their jumbo prawns and  fish grills, very tasty.


So these were our best pics of restaurants from all over Rajasthan. Don’t forget to dine once if you are in this beautiful state. The picks made by us are 100℅ true made by research so that you can be blindfold and hop in there.

I hope the article “Top 10 Best diners in Rajasthan” was useful and you are ready to visit these restaurants in Rajasthan.