Top 15 Most Visited places in the world

Top 15 Most Visited places in the world

Suppose you are a person who loves to Travel most and add the visited places in your bucket list. Don’t worry as we have curated the Top 15 Most Visited places in the world. You can check out the locations from the spectacular view of the Eiffel tower to California’s Disneyland.

It’s hard to keep track of it. So if you are wondering which is the most visited places in the world as Bangkok tops the list of being the most visited places with approximated 22 million international visitors and the most famous island destination which tops the list is Bali with totally 8.26 million visitors as this place proves to be the best location for its diverse regions and serene calmness of nature and beaches.

As new travel trends are emerging every year, still some of the places remain the same without any changes. The places are London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok. So let’s find out the places which have been visited by millions of people from around the world.

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From romantic to adventure to serene, these world’s most visited places have their charm and pace.

Top 15 Most Visited places in the world
Top 15 Most Visited places in the world


Macau is known for its diverse cultural history and various places to visit in Macau. They offer plenty of attractions from luxurious casinos to a theme park this city is also known as Las Vegas of Asia. Exploring the rich heritage and architectural marvels of churches to Museums and soaking in the beach t, the city has managed to attract around 30million visitors throughout the year. Despite the blend of Chinese and Portuguese architecture, the city has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.


Home to the tallest tower Burj Khalifa in the world Dubai rises as one of the most visited places for tourists destination known for its lavish architecture and high-rise that dominate the skylines, Dubai is the most westernised city in the middle east which is everyone favourite destination for shopping, as the place offers some of the biggest malls in the world.

One cannot forget the adventure activities you might experience in Golden Arabian dunes or Skydiving in the mesmerising plan. Islands reef which is the world’s artificial reef made by human beings and surfing in the beaches. During the nights, one can experience the water-themed shows and experience the underwater aquarium. This place ranks 4th in the world most visited list with an estimated 16 million visitors throughout the year.


Bangkok is the world’s most visited place, with an estimated 22 million visitors from all around the world. The capital of Thailand is the most developed country which offers unique characteristics of maintaining architectural beauty dating back hundreds of years. The city provides the hustle and bustle crowds in the street market. Cheap, delicious food and landmarks such as Wat Arun-The temple of dawn, the floating market, The grand palace, Khao San Road, soi Choi, The massage spa make your family a perfect destination.


Paris in France the city of lights is the second and most visited city in the world. Several estimated 35 million visitors visit this romantic city which evokes love on watching the mesmerising Eiffel tower during the day and night, wh; ich is the symbol of French people and iconic landmarks and elegant boulevards. The city is the home to the world most extensive museum in the world, which is Louvre. The city is home to beautiful cafes and most expensive clothing stores and perfume stores. The city has been the most influential globally for its extravagant historical cultures and delicious food that attracts people of all ages.


London is the United Kingdom’s capital is one of the most popular and costliest cities globally, which attracts more than 30million visitors throughout the year. The town offers notable attractions such as museums, the Big Ben,  London Eye, The Buckingham Palace, the house of Parliaments, the London aquarium among others. The western architecture offers excellent insights provides some of the world’s most influential contemporary art, literature and theatre play.

6 . Hong Kong

Most visitors are drawn to the city’s vibrant mix of culture, dramatic harbour views. The Hong-Kong is the world’s most visited place for its top-class shopping. Though it is a part of China, the city has some set of regulations to follow for the visitors travelling to this city without fewer restrictions. Apart from that, the town is an ideal place to experience the breathtaking atmosphere that never sleeps.

The city offers many attractions which include vibrant art scenes, ancient Temples, Star ferry which dates back to 1880 cost fewer Hong Kong dollars to ride, The town is famous for its impressive and recognised skyline in the world. The giant Buddha statue is the world’s largest statue of its kind which took 12 years to complete. There are incredible places to visit in Hong Kong, making it the most visited places globally.


Singapore is the cleanest and cosmopolitan city where people from different races live in harmony and peace. The city has ranked the 5th secure place in most visited places of the world. The town is famous for its attractions such as The Marina Bay skyline, to Singapore Zoo which is known for its captivating design worldwide.

The Garden by the Bay is home to 4,00,000 plants in botanical gardens and nature Park which is famous for flower dome, supertree groves, skyway, and the hypnotic rhapsody which showcase the light and sound show. Tiger sky Tower is the highest observation tower and is one of the beautiful sightseeing places to visit in Singapore. The city attracts more than 14 million visitors all over the world to visit this place.


Newyork is the city of dreams where everyone will find something for themselves in this city that never sleeps and attracts 13 million visitors all year round. Some of the city‘s popular attractions are The statue of liberty in the upper Newyork Bay, which is a symbol of lasting freedom and democracy.

The hustle and bustle crowds in the Time square which is commonly called the crossroads of the world, from private art galleries such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art or Mets is known for its exquisite collections of art, to the Empire state building, The Central Park to the Brooklyn bridge much more. The city of finance department wall Street is everyone’s favourite destination to visit this beautiful city in the United States of America.


Istanbul, the city of Turkey, is historically referred to as Byzantium and Shilin Night Market served as a focal point for much ancient architectural beauty and marvellous creations. Some of its still stand tall in the heart of the city. Some of the city’ famous attractions are Sultanahmet square and the historical attractions in the centre of the town, shopping at the Grand Bazaar where the city borders Bosporus Strait where the waters of the Black Sea meet the inland Sea of Marmara for arrival point of ships for trading.

Visit the Hagia Sophia one of the magnificent landmarks to walking he Theodosian Walls is also one of the historical landmarks and the delicacy of kebabs to desserts and ice-creams the city offers many attractions which attract nearly 13 million visitors throughout the year.


Rome in Italy is a city filled with marvellous architecture is the world’s third most visited place in Europe. The city offers various attractions which are mainly its monuments, open-air museum, and their delicious food. From shopping plazas to several architectures the city gives visitors the breathtaking view of ancient ruins. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole city from the terrace of Piazza Venezia. The attractions are located in the Colosseo district in the city’s outskirts.


Tokyo is the populated world city globally; the city offers energetic and incredible attractions with world’s unusual shopping malls. The city attracts around 15million visitors throughout the year. Some of the attractions are Visiting the Sensō-Ji TJiple, wandering through the Tokyo museums, touring the imperial palace, enjoying the nature and art at the Meiji shrine.


Bali in Indonesia offers beyond the stunning beaches, magical temples, and glorious mountains with lush greenery, mesmerising waterfalls, sacred rivers to secret canyons which makes it up to the landscapes of this beautiful island as it has become the topited destinations in the world by nearly 13 million visitors.

The island’s rich culture attracts travellers from around the globe for the best spa and relaxation treatments. The place also offers many spiritualness of sacred temples and magnificent Hindu ceremonies which take place here. It is one of the most visited places in recent years.


Seoul in South Korea is the latest trending destination in recent years as is the hub of k-pop fans, fashion gurus with cultural sightseeing and the best place for shopping of all kinds. The top attractions are Namsan Seoul Tower located atop in Namsan mountains in the centre of the city is most famous for nightlife in the city, Bukchon Hanok Village is famous for Korean traditional culture and architectural beauty, National Museum of Korea is a must attraction and is one of the largest museums in the world, Lotte World Tower is one of the latest tower built in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Blue House is the official residence of the president just like white house are some of the attractions in Seoul.


Barcelona in Spain offers world-class architecture with a generous amount of fresh sea as the city is filled with magnificent architecture and majestic sculptures which adds to its beauty. The town offers many attractions such as museums, galleries, taverns d more. Overall 15 million visitors visit this place throughout the year.


Taipei is the capital in Japan which is home to the former tallest tower in the world. Taipei 101 and night markets are the top attractions in the city. Some of the city’s attractions are Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is the most visited memorial building to visit, Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,

Bopiliao Old Street is the most visited museum; Grand hotel is the Taiwan most famous hotel is a beautiful building which has been host to world’s notable foreign delegates and celebrities, Martyr’s Shrine is a peaceful memorial to the soldiers, Shilin Night Market has everything to offer from cheap clothing to local food in the nightlife are some of the places which have remained the most visited attractions in Taiwan.

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