Top 5 American food festivals which You must not miss in 2021

Top 5 American food festivals which You must not miss in 2021

After the catastrophic events of 2020, nothing is more desirous than a respite from the boredom of routine. Our body and mind both are unanimously crying out for a day-out and an excellent place to spend the weekend. And what might be better than an American festival of food? For all of us, it has been long since a good evening meal resounded with the light heart laughter of ‘happy people’ in an excellent venue. And if this is what you are looking for, then the USA food festivals in 2021 should be on your bucket list.

They are not just any food festivals; since America is the home to all cultures and tastes, American food festivals provide the best opportunity for those who are yearning for any socialization. People from all states, even countries, travel to these festivals to enjoy some of the world’s finest cuisines and a chance to discover different tastes and spices. So, if you’re excited and wonder how your schedule is going to work, sit there. You are just about to find out!

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Here are the top 5 American food festivals in 2021 that you must not miss!

Top 5 American food festivals which You must not miss in 2021
Top 5 American food festivals which You must not miss in 2021

1. New York City Wine And Food Festival

Experience the vibrance of New York with the New York city wine and food festival. This four-day event is one of America’s best food festivals and has been happening for the last 13 years with all its colors and tastes. You can get a chance to meet the world-famous chefs and can even have dinners with celebrity chefs whom you only get to see on your favorite tv shows.

The package comes with all sorts of fun, late-night parties, musical concerts, wine tastings, and much more. The best thing is that you have fun and eat excellent food, you also do good for someone. All the money from these four days, one of the largest food festivals, goes to charity. It is specifically given to nourish the needy people of New York who suffer from malnourishment.

So, you don’t go home with a stuffed stomach, but also with a contented and happy heart. Up till now, more than 13 million dollars have been spent on providing meals for those who cannot afford and eliminating food poverty. So, go on and book your tickets online now!

Expected date: OCTOBER 14-17, 2021.

2. Taste of Chicago

The Taste of Chicago, more commonly known as ‘The Tastes,’ is the largest food festival in Chicago. Chicago is known in the culinary world with ‘The Tastes.’ It is also arguably the most famous food festival and the largest food festival in the USA. It spans a five-day event, with the inclusion of the most adequate national and also international cuisines. Foodies know this place as their home.

It all started in the 80s under the mayor of Chicago’s auspices. The idea to bring all the Chicago tastes to one area became a huge success. It soon started receiving eager foodies from all the states, with a massive influx of international visitors. The event serves all sorts of entertainment with famous music bands and artists’ performances.

It is Western Canada’s most prominent culinary festival of Canada and America’s colors and traditions. The event’s usual venue is at Grant Park, Illinois, but the last’s unusual circumstances changed the platform, but it didn’t cancel the event. So, no need to despair. Set your schedule and get in Chicago this July.

Expected date: Wednesday, July 7, 2021 – Sunday, July 11, 2021.

3. Picklesburgh food festival

Americans sure love Pickles! It is evident by the rating of PicklesBurgh food festival as the number one choice of Americans. PicklesBurgh food festival has surpassed the famous food festivals, like the Chicago food festival, twice in reader’s will even though it is relatively new. It started in 2016 in Pittsburgh but is already seeing a flux of food lovers. It is a three-day festival, with completely free entry.

People only have to buy their food and drink items. It includes the colors of all local and international cuisines, added with a hint of something-pickles. It’s PicklesBurgh, so pickles are going to be, well, everywhere. Humans have always loved canning, storing their favorite fruits and vegetables. Here, at PicklesBurgh, fixes are offered a culinary toast by ingenious chefs and food lovers from all over the world.

It an ideal spot to enjoy time with your family, with the most beautiful handcrafts to take home as a souvenir. Last year, the pandemic caused the cancellation of the most famous American food festival’s full-fledged celebration, but it is expected to return this year in July 2021.

Expected date: July 2021.

4. Eat Drink SF

San Francisco presents the finest collection of world-class cuisines offered by the best culinary artists at Eat Drink SF food festival. This vibrant American food festival has been attracting food lovers and food and wine connoisseurs for the last decade worldwide. Food, drink, wines, entertainment, music, you name it, it’s all here. You can have the chance to meet your favorite chefs whom you can only get to see on tv.

There is no entry fee, and you have to buy one ticket to enjoy all that is on a plate offered by this colorful food festival. It shows the very best of San Francisco to the culinary world. If you are willing to give your taste buds a twister, then this is the place you must not miss. The festival spans over ten days celebration period and includes the most veritable forms of entertainment that a world-class food festival can offer.

Like other festivities, last year, Eat Drink SF also suffered a plan change. However, foodies still got to enjoy the event, with the observance of all SOPs. This year the official site anticipates the event again in August, so reserve the dates, foodies!

Expected date: August 2021.

5. Taste of Edmonton

It’s hard to miss the name of one of the most famous food festivals in the USA: Taste of Edmonton. It is also the largest food festival in Western Canada, presenting all the colors of Canadian and American tastes and cultures. So, the festival offers all that is expected of such a celebration. It is held annually and is an outdoor event celebrated in Edmonton, Alberta.

The festivals span ten days, welcoming a massive influx of thousands of food, music, wine, and entertainment lovers. The event requires no entry fee, and the purchase tickets are available on the spot. Local restaurants, the finest chefs, and mobile food trucks provide Edmonton’s best to the visitors.

Last year, again, unfortunately, the event has to be canceled because of the fears of COVID-19 spikes, but this year, food fans need not to despair. Edmonton is again presenting its best food festival in august of 2021. The venue is announced to be the same as Sir Winston Churchill Square. So, put that on your bucket list too!

Expected date: July 22- August 1, 2021.