Top 8 fashion ideas every teen girl must know

Top 8 Best fashion ideas for girls

Every woman is always worried about her looks and if you’re a teenager then it’s way too difficult to style your looks.

As a teenager, you need to think a lot before styling or trying any new fashion or trend on you because your body is already going through a number of changes.

Fashion ideas are something all girls should know to style their looks. You know when you can get all your styling issues and confusion solved with some simple fashion ideas. Here we bring to top 8 fashion ideas every teen girl must know.

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Here’s the list of Top 8 fashion ideas every teen girl must know!

Top 8 fashion ideas every teen girl must know
Top 8 fashion ideas every teen girl must know


Give your look a super cute touch by styling your nails with bright cute nail colors. Bright nail polishes look cute and fashionable but they also highlight your hands. Be very choosy while choosing your color because a bad bold color may ruin your cute look. You can go for colors like bright yellow, baby pink, orange, nude pink, light green, bright red, sky blue, etc.


One of the best ways you can style your looks like a teenager is by accessorizing them. Add some cute rings, bracelets, and anklets to your wardrobe. Accessories turn a basic, boring look into a stylish and fashionable one. Although clothes are given more priority, accessories are also equally important. Clothes and accessories both together make the best fit and give a fashionable impression of who you are.


Another fashionable way to style your look is by adding backpacks to it. Backpacks are trendy and also you can always carry your essentials in them. You can easily move your hands in any direction, you don’t have to worry about carrying anything in your hands!

There is a range of cute and fashionable backpacks available in the market you must choose a cute color backpack that adds to your teen cute look.

4.Waist Belts

Waist belts are in trend and define your look. The best thing about waist belts is that you can style them with any outfit. Waist belts help to enhance your upper body, they bring a new definition to all body types. Always keep in mind before wearing a waist belt that you don’t wear it the wrong way. The right and appropriate way to style your waist belt are to wear it at the smallest part of your waist. On some outfits, this may vary but mostly the idea to wear it at the smallest waist works.


Wearing Scrunchies around wrists are most trending today. They give a super cute touch to your look. They define your wrists a lot and so highlight them.

This trend started for a very simple reason: girls used to face difficulty finding their hair ties if they kept them in their bags or anything so they started wearing them in their hands. And now this is super trendy. Honestly speaking this is one of the cutest trends for all teens out there.


Style your looks with shoes, don’t go for heels as a teenager as heels give immense pain to your legs. As a teenager, you don’t need to give your feet those immense pains on a daily basis. Shoes never get outdated and they provide super comfort to feet. There are a variety of shoes available in the market. Shoes with high souls are even available. You can choose your favorite design and color.

7.crop tops

Crop tops are in trend and they look super stylish and fashionable. If you want to look super stylish and fashionable then you should definitely add crop tops to your closet. You can style your crop tops in many ways. Go for a bold black color that looks super stylish.

You can pair your crop tops with types of denim but if you avoid that boring basic denim look, then you can style your crop top with leather pants, skirts, pants, etc. They look super stylish with them as well.


Last but not least we should not forget makeup. Fashion is incomplete without makeup. Makeup enhances your look the most. The right makeup with the right look is super important on the other side a bad makeup can ruin the whole look.

As a teenager, you should go for a nude makeup look. It goes very well with almost all looks. Also, it is very important for teenagers to choose the right makeup product according to their skin type. Your skin can react in bad ways if you don’t use the right makeup products.

A right foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, eyeliner to define your eyes, mascara very important to enhance your lashes, and nude lipstick. This all does the job. As a teenager, this look will perfectly suit you. Make sure you don’t go for loud makeup looks.

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